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  1. there are some visa types were you do upload documents to the CEAC, the K-1 is just not one of them no problem, good luck on your interview!
  2. for the K-1 visa you don't upload any documents, everything is brought with you to the interview. so printing what the government sent you and bringing it with you to the interview should be fine. I would print at least 2 copies of each. i would also print out a copy of the email that said the pdf would be fine, so you have some kind of written proof that you were told it was fine.
  3. most of this site would 100% agree with you the K-1 visa is one of the few visas left that you cant submit online, so its just much slower. unfortunately the government doesnt really care 😂
  4. according to the state.gov site they just want the last 5 years of international travel history "Dates of your last five visits or trips to the United States, if you have previously travelled to the United States. You may also be asked for your international travel history for the past five years. " https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/forms/ds-160-online-nonimmigrant-visa-application/ds-160-faqs.html if the topic comes up (which honestly it probably wont, the frankfurt embassy didn't ask anything about previous travel to the US other than any previously issued visas), i don't see an issue with you explaining the DS-160 only let you do so many entries. but if they dont ask, no need to tell lol
  5. it all depends on how many cases they are receiving. And with this year being an election year, USCIS is probably getting quite a few more cases. We got our NOA1 only a week after we shipped it, so it could only take that long for you to get your NOA1 at the very least. according to the USCIS processing times for the Texas service center, most cases get approved within 16 months https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ unfortunately the I-129f is not a quick process, so you have quite a few months of waiting. if you don't get an NOA1 within the next 30 days, you could try inquiring with USCIS. but from my experience they are usually quicker with at least the NOA1
  6. have you received your NOA1 yet? this is the letter you'd receive when USCIS acknowledges that they have gotten your petition. it usually takes about a month or so to receive that. time frames vary drastically people have been getting an NOA2 (notice of approval) in as little as 3 months. but it would be anywhere up to a year. you should fill out your timeline https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/intro.php?cfl= and you can compare your process with others
  7. like others have said dont purchase a ticket until she has her passport in hand and everything is correct. but the K-1 visa goes into her Philippines passport. she would have given it to the officer at the embassy at the time of her interview. she wont be receiving a US passport at this stage as she is not a US citizen
  8. correct. for the K-1 visa you submit nothing to the NVC in terms of those documents. the NVC just processes the case for the embassy. There are some visa types where you upload documents to the NVC, but the K-1 visa is not one of them.
  9. Its not that you only have 10 days to book the interview. Your medical exam should be 5-10 days before your interview at the very least. This gives the doctors office enough time to send your medical exam report to the embassy. But you don't want to schedule your interview much later than that because the k-1 visa validity (6 months) is based off the medical exam date not the interview approval date
  10. You'll schedule the medical exam once the embassy has your petition and they have contacted you. you don't want to do the medical exam too early as the validity of the actual k-1 visa(6 months) is based off the date of the medical exam, not the interview approval date. The embassy typically sends the foreign fiance "packet 3" which has all the instructions and the next steps of the process. At this point there are no documents you submit online to anyone. The foreign fiance will bring whatever documents that are listed in the instructions sent by the embassy with them to their interview. This incudes police certificates, birth certificates, form i-134, etc.
  11. With how unpredictable the timeline of the K-1 visa process is, embassies will extend petitions that are still being pursued. Since you have an interview scheduled, they will see it as still being pursued. I believe that you have nothing to worry about. I would suggest looking through posts in the Colombia thread on this site to see if anyone has been in a similar situation, cause there's a good chance people have. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/96-mexico-latin-south-america/ I'm not sure which email you tried but there is one listed here https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Colombia&cty=Bogota
  12. Which embassy is your interview with? Most embassies automatically extend a petition 4 months at a time for up to 1 year. They usually don't tell you it's being extended. You should be fine if they recognize that you have scheduled an interview and will extend. For example our petition expired on July 4th, but the interview wasn't until July 9th. They didn't even mention it at the interview. Granted that's a much shorter time than yours. My only other suggestion would be to wait and try contacting them closer to when your petition is set to expire, like 2 weeks maybe. It's hard to say where to contact them without knowing what embassy you are going through. Someone who also went through that embassy might have better information.
  13. Both mine and my fiances letter of intent were physically signed, scanned and printed. So you should be good doing number 1
  14. EAD is the work authorization form. it is form I-765 most people file it along side the I-485 form.
  15. since you're using a mac is it possible that the password is whatever password you use to unlock you computer? thats the only thing I can think of
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