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  1. Hi, thanks again for reply, no not yet. I've decided to let it alone and when my time comes we will see then. I'm just back from 3 weeks there so depending, I'll pop back in a few months if there no movement. One good sign is I've come forward 1 year or so in the queue over two visa bulletins. So here's hoping If it can go back 2 years in the F2A category it can come forward fast aswell. Nobody really knows 👍
  2. Hi, I have a PD 11/28/2022. Reading through recent posts here, are some permanent residents that applied for family members or all US citizens? My sponsor is a permanent resident. Is there any permanent residents posting here with PDs in November 2022 have had cases approved recently? Thank you.
  3. Hi Folks, as anyone on the forum with priority dates in September 2022 received any notification to file there paperwork in reference to the latest visa bulletins. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have been looking at the US Visa Bulletin and for December 2023, it says for all Family Preference Categories please refer to the date for filing chart. The date for the F2A category is 01 Sept 2023 across the board and has been since October 2023. A priority date on or before this date can file there application although the wait will still be there for a Visa to come along. I have a priority date of September 2022, should I be nearing a decision to file my paperwork then based on the information on the Visa Bulletin, documentarily qualified. Am i reading this wrong? any reply appreciated. Thank you.
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