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  1. Our case is an i130 petition and I am a US citizen petitioning for my spouse. I am writing to seek clarification regarding the scheduling of an immigrant visa interview Recently, we received communication from the National Visa Center (NVC) confirming the approval of our request for expedited processing. As per the notification, it was stated that the embassy would be responsible for booking our appointment. However, the email we received from the embassy request us to book the appointment ourselves and upon attempting to schedule the appointment through the online portal we keep seeing notification that there no available appointments on the ceac site, it say ''Ready'' Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If you have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate on the appointed date and time.” I am really confused. We are reaching out to seek clarification on this matter as it seems contradictory to the expedited processing request approved by the embassy based on the email with received NVC. We believe there may be an error or misunderstanding in the process, as self-booking appointments would defeat the purpose of our expedited request. please advise
  2. Hello, How long did it take you to receive IL in Yaounde
  3. Greetings everyone, my spouse is a foreigner based in Turkey and we are at the NVC stage. We are thinking of changing the embassy to her home country Cameroon because we hear Ankara is taking much time to provide appointment for foreigners. Any idea how long to get an appointment in Ankara for Spouse IR1 or CR1 visa after DQ?
  4. Thanks. Where have requested for expedition via Emma. If they send us a REF we will respond with the letter from the doctor. However we are aware that our chances are slim but its okay we tried
  5. I am just seeing these informations now about appointments and it real feels terrible giving at i am stil at the uscis stage. I am thinking we might have to change my visa appointment to my country of origin than Turkey
  6. What is happing in Turkey seems to be devastating. 8 months no appointment for CR-1 Visa ??
  7. Kindly update if you finally got the appointment date
  8. my wife just went through as a surgery in USA this month and will be needing my assist as she goes through her recovery process. Could this a valid reason to request for expedition for our uscis case?
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