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  1. Everyone at my office is working from home, places are closing and advising people not to go out unless necessary....the thought of not being able to go out is driving me mad! Vent here for coronavirus cabin fever concerns. How is everyone coping?
  2. Hey guys. My sis was issued a Cr1 visa after almost 5 months in Administrative Processing so she has only 30 days untill her visa expires. What happens if she can’t enter the US with in expiry date due to all the restrictions by counties and airlines? Will she have to apply the visa again? I mean the whole process? Please tell me anyone experience anything like this?
  3. Cr1 visa expires it 3 weeks but all flights are suspended because of covid19. What is the process to extend cr1 visa and how long will it take it again ? I know medical would be required again but is there gonna be another interview or waiting in administrative processing again?
  4. As some of you may know, there is a provision in US immigration law that allows consulates around the world to reissue the expired visa if a person is unable to travel due to situations not under his control. I have read that particular provision and understand it except the line I have marked in RED below..can somebody please explain me what is the meaning of this line. The provision says as following-: 9 FAM 504.10-5(A) (U) Issuing Replacement Visa During Validity of Original Visa a. (U) If you are satisfied that an applicant will be or was unable to use an immigrant visa (IV) during its validity period because of reasons beyond the applicant’s control and for which the applicant is not responsible then you may issue a replacement visa with the originally allocated visa number within the same fiscal year even though the visa has not yet expired. You should recall and cancel the originally-issued visa and collect once again the appropriate IV application processing fee (including the Diversity Visa Lottery Fee for a DV applicant), unless the applicant was unable to use the visa as a result of action by the U.S. Government over which the alien had no control and for which the alien was not responsible. Now, Let us suppose my Cr1 visa expires in august and I apply for the reissue of visa at US consulate. Suppose, consulate start workimg on my case after september. Can a consulate be able to reissue visa or extend visa even after 30 september 2020. Because when we read provision "FAM 504.10-5(A) (U)", there is a line in there(marked in red above) that says something "SAME FISCAL YEAR". Does this have anything to do with my Cr1 immigrant visa if in case I need to get my visa reissued or extended? I will really appreciate if somebody can please guide me.
  5. My fiance received his K1 visa on March 4, 2020 in Canada. He needs to move to the US by August 14, 2020 (the expiration date of his visa). I have two questions I'm wondering as we try to figure out a date to get him here. We have not been able to get him here yet for many reasons I won't get into, so please do not comment on what I "should have" done in the past. Here are my questions: Does anyone know if we could get an extension on how long our K1 visa is valid for? Our 6 months started literally at the exact same time as the outbreak. Is there a way to delay the expiration date due to the extenuating circumstances? If that's not possible, then does anyone know if we could get an extension on our 90 day window to get married? If he gets here and the government is still shut down, we will not be able to get a marriage license, let alone file it after we're married. Our local government is currently not processing marriage licenses. Who would I talk to about an extension for the 90 days to get married, due to the extenuating circumstances?
  6. Hello, Just wondering if anyone else in in a similar situation as myself, imagine there are many who are and many more who are in worse situation than me due to everything going on with covid-19. I came over to the US in November on a K1 visa, got married in December and then sent off the I-485 form to adjust my status in February. In March I checked my case status online line and it said "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview." Today it still says the same thing. Now I know that all face to face interviews have been delayed due to the effect of Covid-19 but I have not received any communication in the mail, or online, from USCIS since the case status changed. If you are in a similar situation to myself, have you received anything from USCIS? Does anyone know if they are planing on skipping the interview stage, as I expect there is going to be a considerable backlog, and just issue green cards? I know something such as this hasn't happened in modern history so answers will be purely guess work but I thought I might as well ask...
  7. I read at many articles it states that consulates have suspended "in person" activities and interviews. Does anyone have any experience knowledge ir updates on their AP cases ever since covid19 Closures? Do you, or anyone you know, have gotten their visa or passport after being in AP cases during covid19? Curious to know if islamabad consulates are still working on ADMIN PROCESS since they arent "physical - in person" activities, which can be done remotely! Thanks and good luck.
  8. I have had my flights from Phnom Penh to Houston, TX cancelled twice because of COVID-19. But the crazy part is when I look for another flight I still see the ones they cancelled as if those flights are still valid. Does anyone know for sure (like personally know someone) who has flown from Cambodia to the US? Because I see flights all day online but that does not mean people are actually flying here.
  9. Anyone know of any of the tourist based aos interviews being waived?
  10. Hello, In your guys opinion do you think that, the people who had there K-1 interview in March (and was canceled) will be first in line for an interview when USCIS opens up? For example will they schedule interviews in the order canceled and moving people back who were not effected by the shutdown. Or are we on our own and have to schedule what ever's available.
  11. Hi All, Hope you are all staying safe during this crazy times. I have a question regarding approved IR5 visas (Parent of US Citizen) that are pending on medical exam results. Would this visa still be approved after the EO? My mom had her visa approved on 3/6/2020, her passport was kept at the consulate due to the approval BUT they are still waiting on her medical exam results to finalize the process. The lab results are due on 6/2/2020. The question is .... IS SHE STILL APPROVED? OR will she be banned for good after the 60 days? If any of you can please through some light into this I would appreciate. Thanks and good luck to us all
  12. President Donald Trump said Monday that he is temporarily suspending immigration to the United States in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the "need to protect jobs." In a tweet Monday night (April 20th), the president attributed the suspension to an "attack from the Invisible Enemy" and the "need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens." Highlights (updated as of 4/21 28am PT, 2020) President Donald Trump said he will sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States. It could come as early as Tuesday. The order will include exemptions for migrant farmworkers and immigrant healthcare workers, particularly those treating coronavirus patients, The Wall Street Journal reported. Immigration into the US has already ground to a near-halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it's unclear what immediate effects Trump's order would have. Anybody have any other news or opinions on this? Do you think it would have an effect on K1 fiance or spouse visas? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-says-he-suspending-immigration-over-coronavirus-need-protect-jobs-n1188416 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-suspend-immigration-executive-order-coronavirus https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52363852 https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-immigration-order-to-include-farm-healthcare-exceptions-2020-4
  13. Initial immigrant visa appointment cancelled at London Embassy due to Covod19. Managed to reschedule for May 2020 but cancelled on the website again today (April 21 2020) Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  14. Had trouble getting this info so I thought I'd share: As of 4/10/2020, the Canadian/US border is accepting K1 visas at the border crossing and deeming them, "essential travel". Just got off the phone with a border agent stationed at a crossing in New York.
  15. Remote Marriage in NY during this time: Not sure about the obstacles in implementing it in different counties but if successful, K1 visa holders in NY waiting for marriage should be the first ones to enjoy. Not sure if it’s limited to NY residents only. (Be aware that with recent zoom hacks, you might see some sample actions that you have done or will be doing afterward in the video feed) https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/04/coronavirus-in-new-york-marriages-by-video-get-certificates-remotely-during-pandemic.html Note: I put the post under AOS from K1 targeting K1 visa holders, feel free to move it wherever applicable.
  16. Hi everyone! I'm married to a U.S. citizen for a few months. Came here in November (k1 visa). We filled for my adjustment of status and work permit. In February I did my fingerprints. My question is am I eligible to get a $1200 stimulus payment? I have a valid SSN. I worked in US in 2018 as a j1 student for 3 months. I also did my taxes for that year with RTTAX. My husband got his payment yesterday. Can I get this payment too?
  17. Hey, all. A few weeks ago, I posted asking whether the Federal government or the State governments would control when Customs offices open (specifically ASC). I am not trying to dive into whether or not the president has total authority to open States. Rather, I still am wondering specifically about the Federal offices--specifically ASC. If the Federal government wants to open a Federal office (Customs, ASC, etc) and a particular State does not want to open them, who controls it? Do all the Customs offices open at once? Or do some open before others, depending on what States they are in and who the governors are of those states? Thanks!
  18. My fiance and i just got outi-797 notice of action approved on 3/27/2020 and the valid date ends 7/26/2020. We applied for the visa way before covid 19 ever came up but now with borders closed and no sign of it being opened any time soon and i heard a vaccine wont be here till 2022. What are we sapose to do? Why did the goverment approved the visa and not just hold it till this is all over? Am i going to have to reapply for a new visa if its not opened back up in time? All if the time and money we spent on this is it going to be wasted? My fiance is panicking and our agency is still trying to figure out everything.
  19. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/apr/05/boris-johnson-admitted-to-hospital-with-coronavirus
  20. Hi, I have a conditional greencard through spouse sponsorship and will have to apply in February 2021 for removal of condition. 1. I realized that the Covid-19 pendamic is not sth that will go away anytime soon and I need to know if travel to Canada ( reasons: my kids are still there and I feel that more than ever, they need my support in this difficult time..plus, have a family rental house that need some attention and maintenance, taking care of some tenancy issues.. etc...) could create problem for me when coming back in a say, 3-4 months. I may be asked to be self-quarantined for two weeks at my arrival in Canadain airport as well as in my return at the US airport. That wouldn't be an issue. Do I need to have concern forcmyvretirn back in US now that the Canada- US boarder is closed? 2. I am not sure my Iranian origin could create any possible problem for my return back in US if it will still be during the pendamic in a 3-4 months period? We had a lot of Iranian green card holder cases that were not allowed back in US in January 2020 when the pendamic had just started. Do I need to be concerned about that? Any feedback would be quite appreciated. 🙏🙏🙁
  21. Hello VJ Community! I hope you are all staying safe and well during these scary circumstances. USC Petitioner here, seeking guidance on how to go about applying for my now-husband's Social Security number. My husband arrived in Texas from the UK using a K1 visa on March 16. All Social Security offices shut their doors (as a safety precaution against COVID-19) the day after, on March 17. We got married on March 21 and are now in the process of putting together our AOS/I-944/AP/EAD packets. We saw that you can choose to apply for your SSN on the EAD application, but I assume he wouldn't get the card until after he receives the EAD five or so months down the line. We were thinking of checking "No" on the application and waiting until the offices re-open so that we can apply in-person and hopefully get the card in the mail sooner. His I-94 expires on June 12, so we are really hoping that things normalize before then. Any thoughts on going this route? Thankfully, not having an SSN hasn't caused major roadblocks for us yet. We were able to get him a phone plan, health insurance, and I was able to add him to my checking account, savings account, and credit cards. The biggest setback would be not being able to obtain his driver's license. He has a valid UK driver's license that he's eligible to use for 90 days, but he'll need to apply for a Texas license after that point and having an SSN is a requirment to obtain one. Has anyone tried checking "Yes" on the EAD, but then also going to their local office to apply in-person after submitting the application? Would that cause issues for him down the line? Thank you! Will appreciate any advice/input you can provide.
  22. So here's a weird question that my fiance and I are not even sure where to begin answering. He has a full, red beard. He works at a hospital and they are about to switch his ward over to a 'red zone' for Covid-19 patients. He was told that he would have to shave off his beard and has no problem with that what so ever, it's so his mask will seal properly as he will be working in direct contact with corona patients. Our question is this: when we originally took the pictures for his medical (4) and embassy requirement (2) he has that full beard. Our NOA2 is in tansit to the embassy and god willing that will open up interviews again in the next few months, however that won't be enough time for him to grow his beard back out. Do we re-take the photos for the embassy (the medical already has the bushy ones) or do we just explain at the time of interview the circumstances? He looks quite different with and without a beard. any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Stay safe out there!
  23. So, I was one of the people who had an appointment in Montreal on the 18 that got cancelled when I arrived in Montreal on the 17. BUMMER! Anyways, just looking for opinions and what I found out from the US Visa Info call centre. I received my US Medical on 30 Jan 2020. So according to the 6 months validity it should be good until end of July most likely. Now with the whole uncertainty of Covid-19, the Consulate itself isn't even sure when they will reopen to schedule appointments again, and I expect it to be pretty backed up once they do since a lot of people will be trying to get there. As from my discussions with the visa call centre these were my questions 1. What happens if the consulate decides to postpone the appointments further and then any applicants' US Medical then becomes expired? Their answer: You will have to get a new US Medical. 2. What if with the whole pandemic, you have to travel to obtain a new US Medical and may not feel comfortable travelling to hotspots of the outbreak like Vancouver/Toronto/Quebec to obtain a new Medical? Their answer: You can attend your new Visa Appointment in Montreal, instruct the officers that you did not retrieve a new US Medical due to the reason stated and they will offer two options: 1. Rescheduling the Visa Appointment and then getting a new US Medical. 2. Having the US Medical be couriered to the Consulate. I did not think this was very helpful...I understand that Consulate still has to follow rules and regulations - but considering this pandemic was not in anyone's control, something like allowing the use of expired US Medical if it has been expired no more than 3 months sounds acceptable. BUT, I digress. My other question I had forgotten to ask them: For those of you who had already received your K-1 in your passport, with the border still closed and the possibility of it closing longer. Has the Consulate let you know if they will extend the validity of your K-1 for entry? Or will you have to start your process over again? Not so much of a question I suppose but as a discussion on what anyone else has heard who may be in a similar situation? Stay safe everyone!
  24. I hope everyone is safe and distancing with loved ones . I posted a question last week specifically about ASC openings for biometrics. Please stay on topic and not overly political if you respond. The discussion got heated and way off topic, so the question never was answered. My question is who can decide when to open specific ASC offices? The Federal government or the State level? (I foresaw there being a Federal (Republican) vs. State (Democrat) showdown in states like CA, WA, NYC, etc. and now am wondering even more how it will play out. Without getting political, my original question remains: Is it possible for one State to open it's ASC offices for biometrics before other States? Or is that something that is mandated at the Federal level? For example, if the Federal government says "open ASC" and Nebraska wants to but Illinois doesn't, can the States decide? Or CA vs AZ . Or FL vs GA, etc. The specifics don't matter. Hypothetically, if Trump still wants to hit an aspirational Easter date to open businesses and says to open ASCs, would Gavin Newsome or Jay Inslee have to listen? Or could each state actually be different on what offices open and when? Is anyone locally hearing their ASC offices MIGHT open? Stay safe and thank you!
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