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  1. Hi just checking any updates ? How long did the ds5355 take to get approved? We just got one and I’m worried it’ll take forever
  2. Hi everyone! Hope yall doing great! I submitted an inquiry to NVCInquiry@state.gov on Sep 5, and received no response yet (been about two weeks now). I submitted an inquiry through their website on Sep 18 (two days ago), nothing yet. I also submitted an inquiry to NVCResearch, they responded the next day with the following: " To Whom it Concerns: The National Visa Center (NVC) has received your petition and will send detailed instructions to the petitioner, principal applicant, and attorney of record (if applicable) soon. To make sure your private information stays protected, send future inquiries and attachments using the Public Inquiry form only. You can find it at https://nvc.state.gov/inquiry. You must provide privacy information to receive case specific information. Please limit your inquiry to one case per submission. " Are inquiries taking this long to get a response ? How long is it taking the NVC to process cases and assign numbers now ? Thank you son much!!
  3. Hi everyone, got and rfe, sent my documents and received a notice that they received it 3 days ago (aug 7). How long does it take for them to get back with an approval hopefully?
  4. Congrats !!!! I keep refreshing mine, but I’m a little way down the road at June 16th
  5. It looks like we might start seeing some June approval in the next two weeks! Hope you guys are ready! processing time have been falling off of a cliff recently and I think the estimates on here are a little too conservative
  6. The estimate is based on single points so I wouldn't take it for granted they change wildly. The estimates I'm calculating are based on an overall trend so they should be way more accurate, hopefully. Fingers crossed
  7. Always good to be positive! I have some more good news Processing rate is higher and is increasing daily. If the rate of processing stays the same, we can be looking at early July as the earliest date , to mid August as the latest. This factors in the current rate of processing, and the USCIS reported times which is 15.5 months which is definitely lower at this point, so these dates are conservative. There's a little bit of hopeful thinking too but what the heck why not! My NOA1 is mid June for reference
  8. Things seem to be moving a little quicker If the current processing rate holds, we're looking at July for NOA2 for June Filers. Hope this helps
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