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  1. March 17 2024, i-485 approved. approval notice on the way as stated in the message. Good luck on everyone.
  2. Hi, am glad you transferred your case. I also had stated Kampala for a K1 visa but requested to expedite the case when it was at NVC, NVC automatically sent my case to Qatar since my fiancé was over there. It took 2 months for Qatar Embassy to process and now he is here, submitted greencard paperwork. Good luck everyone.
  3. Am sorry to hear that, try calling uscis or chat with Emma and see if you can get any response. Good luck.
  4. I can’t guarantee, it depends on the person who receives your case, have they cashed the check? If so then they have accepted the case. I don’t think they can send the whole package back for that. Good luck
  5. Sent 2 passport photos I765, I 485 2 passport photos. I think you will be fine. If they need anything, they will let you know. My husband never sent in i131 since he won’t be traveling soon. Good luck.
  6. That good, I also sent mine to Chicago, hope they process it fast so that my husband can work. Fingers crossed. Thanks
  7. That’s good. You will get feedback. I requested to expedite due to some circumstances but not sure if that was the reason for quick response. But I see some people from Chicago got quick feedback. Finger crossed.
  8. Request UPS to give you the track number and then see if someone signed for it. I did request FEDEX to get signature when I was mailing and requested to put fragile and I took a picture to confirm incase something went wrong. Good luck.
  9. Filed AOS with FEDEX on Friday 1/26/24,In between weekend, received on Monday 1/29/24 and obtained signature to confirm delivery. Filed from WA State to Chicago, Illinois. Husband received a text with receipt number IOE on 2/2/24 stating “ case was received and a receipt notice sent”, uploaded IOE on uscis case tracker and in few minutes it stated biometrics scheduled and a letter mailed. Let us know if you haven’t received letter by 03/04/24. It’s now a waiting game. Good luck everyone.
  10. Sorry to hear that you are still waiting for the interview. Hope you get a quick response soon. Good luck
  11. I contacted VJ about it mid June and never got any response about it. Let me know if you get any feedback from them about it. Thanks
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