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  1. Hey everyone, Our case was said to be Documentarily Qualified on December 15, 2022, and are waiting for the Interview Letter. I see there are millions of links or potential dates for interview dates for non-immigrant visas, but NOTHING for immigrant based visas. We would like to have a certain hope or something to look forwards to but the lack of information is crazy. This is a CR-1 Visa so its also very frustrating being apart for literally an unknown amount of time. We also see people commenting on the US Embassy Dhaka page on Facebook with people complaining that they either still are waiting for the interview, or they are waiting to get their passport back after the interview, which again, is crazy and very disheartening. If anyone has any inside information or just general information on how long it would take the NVC to schedule the interview for a CR-1 Visa, and the latter process, it would be very kind. Thanks
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