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  1. Yes she is with me we sent all evidences we have and we wait their reply how much this will take
  2. My wife recieved letter noir intent to revoke and we sent more evidences what next step and what we should to do
  3. She old just ten years she never married before and me too she came two times
  4. The co told that we didn't do wedding but we have photos wedding celebrate she told we not have conversations but we sent it to usisc she told I we don't share same language but we talk english from begining she told I targeted american women but that not true I met my wife in a group religions not meeting girls
  5. Co wrote many lies in noir letter what I should to do
  6. Please I revive today letter noir I need someone to help me if have some experience
  7. We don't know the reason until now why they wI'll revoke me 27 my wife 37 we married 2015 october
  8. Yes she is busy now but she can contract you just give me your email
  9. My wife have certificate because all this separate time now is 14 months after interview
  10. Yes she called them but they told we can't send letter by email she not move .......... Intent to Revoke Notice Was Sent On October 2, 2017, we mailed you a notice explaining our intent to revoke our earlier approval of your case, Receipt Number WAC56876. The notice explains what we will do. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice before October 16, 2017, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to. ....
  11. Hello sir pleasee I need help usisc sent noir my wife didn't recieve nothing until now how long time to expire this letter what should to do
  12. After interview I got 221G and embassy sent my case to usisc after that I found message from usisc telling that we sent letter noir but my wife didn't recieve this letter yet how long times to expire noir and what we should to do please I need help me and my wife under dessprision
  13. Hello please I want ask what was the problem why they sent noir letter