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  1. How was your interview!!?:)

  2. We emailed NVC and they sent my fiance the welcome letter with the case number and stuff. I then made an account, filled in the ds-160, paid the fees and booked the interview. I've not received anything yet personally and our case on the NVC says in transit. As long as you have your welcome letter you're good to go.
  3. I just created an account on the embassy website and it allows us to book an appointment from the 1st March onwards after payment. So maybe that was generic?
  4. I'm so confused. I thought with the K1 visa, the interview is booked once the package arrives at the consulate. I tracked our case on NVC and it says the interview date had been provided? No it hasn't.
  5. How do you know they’re working until midnight? I'm crossing everything that they are.
  6. Me too 🫠 NOA2 of 9th Dec, they replied to our enquiry on Monday to say they were working on ours but nothing more.
  7. Yeah we’re in a pickle with some crucial arrangements to do with my daughter and needing to apply for parole as well.
  8. Do we know if interviews in London are still quick. NOA2 9th Dec. I don’t understand why we haven’t heard anything as of yet. We had an email to say ours was in administrative processing and we’d be notified when it’s forwarded to the embassy. This was last Monday.
  9. Haven’t received anything yet. I read that the beneficiary receives an email to say it’s been sent to the embassy? I’ve not received anything.
  10. Hey, what made you think they’ll be sent to the embassy on the 14th Feb? We had our noa2 9th Dec and last Monday they replied saying they were doing admin work on ours. No other update since 🤷‍♀️
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