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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to post an update since I've had quite an interesting journey so far. Got the NOA2 from USCIS on 9/6/22 and was excited. 2 months went by and I hadn't heard from the NVC. I emailed them, but they said they had not yet received anything from USCIS. I got my immigration lawyer to check in as well and ultimately the USCIS would not check on our case until the 90 day mark. They made us wait 3 months. I had to contact my local congressman to help us check in on it. This helped quite a bit and would recommend for anyone else with a lagging case. The congressman was proactive and gave updates and insights we would have never otherwise had. Turns out the USCIS had forwarded our case to the Miami Asylum Office. Why? I don't know. They eventually sent it back to California where it belonged. Then the 90 days were up. I contacted UCSIS again, this time they put in a Service Request for our case. Basically just a note to check in on our case. If we didn't hear anything in 30 days, we were to follow up with another inquiry. 30 days later, still nothing. I called again and they put in another Service Request. At this point our Congressman is still following up also. Finally, at the end of that second 30 day period, after 4 months of waiting, the day before our NOA2 approval expires... the NVC received our case. Since then it's been smooth sailing and our case has been given an ID number and has now arrived at the embassy. We will fill out the forms and schedule the interview soon! I write all this in case there is anyone else like me who hit a bump in the road and couldn't find a lot of info. Just keep up on it, be persistent, and it should get though the system. Hope this helps someone!
  2. CONGRATS! You've come a long way and it finally happened. Thats great to hear and also very helpful. My fiancee is also super nervous about the interview but everything I read sounds very easy. Still we will prepare like crazy. Good to hear you had all the extra proof and documents on hand just in case.
  3. I'm at day 82 since the NOA2 from USCIS with no case number yet from NVC. We emailed NVC, they said they have not yet received our case. We contacted USCIS, they will not look into it until the 90 day mark. Also contacted our local congressman to help us inquire.
  4. I'm at day 88 since our NOA2 from USCIS and have not heard anything either. We contacted NVC, they have not yet received our case. We contacted USCIS, they will not look into it until the 90 day mark. We also contacted our local congressman to inquire. It's not supposed to take this long, but Im sure there's a few of us in that boat.
  5. Thanks Cheddy! Much appreciated, I will try that email. Our attorney sent an inquiry to the NVC a few days ago so hopefully they respond. @biscoito1r Thanks for the doc! Helpful info in there. @Lynxyonok I did check that link, thanks for the resource! Hope everyone is seeing some good progress on their cases and hoping things speed up for everyone.
  6. Anyone know if theres a way to check the NVC progress? Been just over 2 months since our NOA2. Wondering if that's normal.
  7. Got the I-797C NOA2 this weekend in the mail, also a few days after the approval. Noticed it was dated the 6th but we were approved on the 8th.
  8. It finally happened!! Today was the day. Finally got approved! I checked the case tracker app and said it was only received, check the USCIS website and i was stunned to see the status changed to "approved". I-129F Sent - 07/06/21 I-129F NOA1 - 07/09/21 Hang in there everyone! The day will come and it's a good day. Much appreciation to everyone here sharing their journey and all the daily updates!
  9. I miss seeing our Monday Super Updates. Hopefully USCIS hits it hard tomorrow after the 4 day weekend 😄
  10. For those who got approved, did you get a letter in the mail or did you check the USCIS website? Hopeful we will start seeing some more Julyers approved soon!
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