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  1. Ty all the helpful information, I did make an account on their and can see 2019 2020 and 2021, it gives me 4 different transcript per year to get though. Which transcript should I download for fiancé to take to interview? the IRS recommends return transcript, is that the correct one? After waiting almost 2 years, i want to double check everything 😁
  2. Hello folks I just e-filed my 2022 taxes and my fiancés interview is on 05/10/2023 What is the fastest way to get tax transcript from IRS? Thank you in advance
  3. Finally got appointment date on 3/17 for 5/10 For people who want to know took us from 3/1 to 3/17 of looking on "Embassy website reloading and refreshing" to finally get a date open. So excited!
  4. Thank you, going through this process one can never have too much luck. I read your timeline and saw yall got got approved recently. I am so happy for yall!!! I was wondering on what day were you able to schedule appointment for 3/6? I ask because rest of yall timeline seems to be just 1 month ahead of us.
  5. When we got into the system on 3/1 they had dates open for 3/6 and 3/7 but they were so close that we didn't have enough time to get everything ready for the interview date so we didn't select them, now from what we are seeing from others going through the same embassy. Some have had dates for 3/9 and it has been pushed back 3/13, so the embassy it self is having issue it seems. also people say it usually takes 20days for some one to start seeing dates open up. well we have waited now almost 1.7 years what is another month I guess. 😭
  6. We are now waiting for interview date to open up so we can schedule it. Any one have any ideas how Ankara embassy work for dates opening up.
  7. I received this message today, my fiancé had sent them the information the day we got our NVC case number as instructed by the email that came with, but I got this message today my self and I sent her info by replying to the email as instructed. I was just double checking to see if I did everything correctly so far. I also checked NVC status and this is the message I got back, I was wondering does this mean we can schedule our embassy appointment? Thank you for the help folks.
  8. Hello folks, Our stuff was sent to consulate on Feb 2 2023, and NVC tracker says they received it on Feb 21 2023. I was wondering how long does it usually take from embassy getting the stuff to them contacting us?
  9. I didn't at first, but I did now, thank you for the great help friend.
  10. Sorry, I'm bit confused about this part of the process. When am I supposed to apply for DS-160? also when do I need to pay the rest of the k1 visa fee? is it after embassy sends welcome letter or before?
  11. I now have my NVC case number and its been sent to consulate, but it was sent to Turkey instead of Armenia which we originally picked, does any one have any ideas why that could be? I was also wondering what's next now?
  12. I received my NVC case number on Feb 2 2023 I am so happy, but I'm also confused. they changed our consulate from Armenia to Turkey, would any one know why that could be?
  13. that's what I asked about and they send me this message, that's why I'm panicking a little.
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