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  1. rajvinder kaur

    Fees for Indian visa

    My agent charge me $ 585 for multiple tourist visa for Indiafor ten years and $585 for my 14 years old son. I want to know if it is a right charge for get 10 years tourist visa for India. Thank u.
  2. Hi friends, I want to know if unemployment income can be add in earning income to sponsor someone? Thank u.
  3. rajvinder kaur

    Do I need birth certificate for my mother.

    Ok. Thank u.
  4. rajvinder kaur

    Fees for Indian visa

    Tourist visa to India.
  5. rajvinder kaur

    Fees for Indian visa

    Hi freinds, I want to know that how much I need to pay to get Indian visa for ten years. Thank u.
  6. I received letter from uscis which says Recieved date November 9 but it says notice date November 15. I do not know what do these mean and it says priority date November 9.
  7. November 7 : Mailed petition for mother. November 9: Periority date.
  8. rajvinder kaur

    Bring my mother

    Ok. Thank u.
  9. Hi. I am filling petition for my my mother to bring her USA. I want to know if I need to submit her original non availability certificate or photocopy of it or notaraize copy of it to uscis. Thank u.
  10. rajvinder kaur

    Do I need birth certificate for my mother.

    Is Non availability birth certificate from gram panchyat acceptable for green card or not? It is in English bit stamp is in Hindi.
  11. rajvinder kaur

    Do I need birth certificate for my mother.

    My mother does not have her birth certificate nor non availability certificate. But, her mother and older sister can write affidavits for her. Are they sufficient or she needs non availability birth certificate too.
  12. rajvinder kaur

    Do I need birth certificate for my mother.

    Hi. I want to bring my mother USA. She born before 1970. Do I need birth certificate for her or affidavits will be sufficient. Please help me.
  13. rajvinder kaur

    Do I need birth certificate for my mother.

    I am very worry about my mother's birth certificate. My mother's birth is from a small village of himachal pradesh but information on birth certificate is not match with her passport, and there is a wrong spelling for her birth place on her passport. I do know, what should I do now.
  14. rajvinder kaur

    22 Year age gap between the husband and wife

    My husband is 20 years old. It is our second marriage.. My first husband died in road accident after 3years and 3 months of my marriage and than my son was 2 years and 3 months old. I remarried with my husband after 7years of my first marriage and my husband married to me after 2years of his divorce. I was worry like you about age difference but my husband said it will be no problem because you are marry to me after a long time after my first marriage. I was ready with all proves when I went for my interview but they just ask me a very simple question about my husband and they do not ask me show Amy thing. But they enquired for me from my 4 and 5 neighbors of my village by calling them about my first husband, if my marriage is real, if they know about my marriage. My villagers said yes it is a real marriage. In my marriage, there are only few people as it was our second marriage. Only my mother, brothers,sister-in-laws and some panchyat members only lumberdhar. So, do not worry if it is your real marriage and you know about each other deeply. Like what you like to eat. In my interview, they asked me this question like what my husband like to eat and I told them. . Now, I am in USA with My son and my husband about for four years now, and I got my citizenship few days ago. I am very happy here with my family. Best of luck.