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  1. Glad to see we all seemed to have gotten approvals well within 15 months! Best wishes everyone
  2. In transit for us today too, seems NVC was on a roll! Best wishes to everyone hoping to schedule interviews before the new year.
  3. That's exciting. We sent another email to NVC today just in case we get lucky and they are able to ship to the embassy in the next batch or two.
  4. Anyone else seeing any movement from NVC? We inquired last week and they replied they had received our case but hadn't input the information yet to generate a case number.
  5. Seems like the USCIS speed is picking up and other members are making predictions for NOA2 in -12 months.
  6. Yeah the lawyer we are using says they are seeing it in about 10-12 months for most of their clients.
  7. NOA2 unfortunately... On some other sites, people are claiming to receive NOA2 in 6-8 months. I'll believe it when I see it here.
  8. I see the processing timeline is up to 15.5 months now...🤔
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