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  1. @Matt72 Thank you for posting this!! I will be getting photos and taking them to my interview.
  2. That is so irritating!! They should at least have a call log with basic info that they can give you🤦🏻‍♂️. Maybe the call center direct staff are told not to speak to any case and only give generic help. I’ve head people ask to speak with a Tier 2 officer and get the information they need. Not sure if you care enough or want to ask for a Tier 2 officer but it’s always an option.
  3. @Miki28 Did you ever find out what the USCIS wanted when the called? I haven’t a clue what would warrant a phone call. Hopefully something simple. Keep us posted!
  4. @Shaun (S) Welcome to the group! I see your information on the sheet. Wishing you a painless and quick journey!
  5. Ok I thought I was the only one that had an increase in time. I was getting worried something was up with my application. Sorry to see so many have an increase in time. Oh well the waiting game continues for yet an extra month.
  6. I’m happy to see that some have been successful with a walk-in biometrics!! Congratulations @erikavsw I’m so glad to see progress! I just got an update on my case status. The completion time went from Nov to December 🤦🏻‍♂️ Status updated from “we scheduled your biometrics” to “we reviewed your biometrics” and added a month to completion time.
  7. Sorry it wasn’t what you needed. I’m glad someone was able to help.
  8. Wow I knew completion times varied but I didn't realize that service centers near each other had such time variations. Sorry you got the shot end of the sick with that variance.
  9. I don’t know much about the F2A but check this link out it might be useful. https://www.***removed***/greencard/***removed***/petition-upgrade.html they also have forums for the visa process. This website has some good more direct information on what you are seeking (I think) https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/free-books/fiance-marriage-visa-book/chapter12-30.html I hope some of this is helpful or of use to you. Maybe be someone else who has first hand experience or knows exactly what to do can also answer. Maybe try posting in one of these Bringing Family Members of US Citizens to America Bringing Family Members of Permanent Residents to America Good luck!
  10. Thanks for your personal experience and take on the status system! I completely agree with you. Each service center must have its own way of processing and updating. I wish they would have a little more consistently as far as the status process goes. Oh well I’m sure It won’t be long until we get updates about interviews.
  11. Hmm my old reads as you state but my new read we have scheduled your biometrics. So strange
  12. That’s interesting! I haven’t set up SMS but I actively check. I wonder if the difference is between USCIS services centers in the way they update the status. I hear a lot of people skipping status's. I wonder if that’s what is happening with mine. Does anyone know if the status of “we reviewed your biometrics” comes before “Case is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS”? This would help confirm skipping of some status’s
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