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  1. At my Oath Ceremony we were only given an application for a U.S passport. We were not given the opportunity to actually apply for one. I was hopeful that I would of been able to apply the same day. I even brought passport pictures incase I was going to be able to apply. I hope you will have the ability to apply for one at your Oath Ceremony!
  2. Mine eventually synced up. My.uscis website says “We scheduled your naturalization ceremony” and the egov says “Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed” as far as how long this took to happen I can’t remember. Hopefully someone else will have the answer.
  3. From my experience and from what I have seen it varies drastically based on location. For me it took about 7 weeks to get the letter. I have seen some get it as quick as a week. I started to get concerned when mine went over the 30 days they tell you it can take to get the letter. As far as the letter coming after the notification online. Mine took about 4-5 days but I did get the notification on a Friday afternoon so I had to wait over the weekend.
  4. It’s good to see we are both finally scheduled for the oath!! I’m excited to cross that finish line!
  5. Mine is on the 15th so only a few days away. Do you have the date for your oath ceremony yet?
  6. Hi everyone, my Oath ceremony has finally been scheduled. Received text message and my online status has changed to “Oath ceremony notice was mailed” Still no date@Atnabz
  7. Thanks for responding! I guess we are just back to waiting. Oh well as long as everything is still going smoothly I’m happy!
  8. Hi everyone, so I had my interview on 10/23/19 and was recommended for approval. I was then told the oath ceremony would probably be scheduled in the next few weeks. It’s now been around 45 days with no update. I’m not that worried about it. Should I be? I’m thinking they are just overwhelmed with the quantity of people needing the oath in my area along with holidays. @Atnabz have you had your oath yet?
  9. I agree although my case is not “complete” I have had my interview and I’m approved. My completion date is January 2020. My oath ceremony hasn’t been scheduled but as far as I’m concerned I’m as good as done.
  10. Congratulations!! I had my interview same day at the same service center just a few hours later. Again congrats!
  11. I had my interview this morning, It took around 20 mins. I was called back into a small room and asked to raise my right hand and agree tell the truth✋. Then I was asked for my green card, passport and driver's licence. Next I was asked 6 civics questions then read/write. We reviewed my application and asked for my select service document. I was recommended for approval.
  12. It looks like it might be generic. On my letter I have a request for the same documents as you. I also uploaded my select service document but on my interview letter it requests to bring it.
  13. Mine took like 3 days but that’s because of the weekend. It’s been a long journey and it’s right down to the end. Good luck with your interview it’s all over soon!
  14. @erikavsw ugh that wait time is outrageous! Sorry you have to go though this I know I’d be pretty upset. You have a lot of positives and it’s just a technical issue so at least you have knowledge that you have passed and you will have everything settled soon. Just keep a bright and positive mind you will get through this nonsense. You will have your happy ending complete soon. Good luck and keep us posted.
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