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    Came on a work visa and met my husband at my job.We dated for five years as I was back and fort from jamaica to the us.
    He finally ask me to marry him in 2012 and I accepted.

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  1. The estimated dates are nothing to go by.Mine still saying expect to complete in November yet I am a US citizen already.So its a give and take.In my case when my interview was scheduled I never got a text but I was always checking my status.Atleast once a day.All the best now.
  2. Thank u my friend,it is an amazing feeling to finally be over and done.Wishing for you all the best now.
  3. Thank u ,we both share custody.He will be 16 in October so I will wait until then to apply.Thank you so much for your response.
  4. I have a question I am a bit confused about.So I have a son who is not my husband biological child but he was the one who pitition for him to be in the united states.I am now a us citizen and he has derived it through me;I want to apply for his passport as he is under 16 and his biological dad name is on his birth certificate.Will I need his dad's permission?Since my husband is decease could I do it with out the biological dad's permission?He lives in Jamaica.
  5. Everyone case is different in my case he only ask for green card ,passport and dl.I had uploaded my son's birth certificate and my husband death certificate.Didn't upload my tax transcript .Had them at the interview but was never ask for them. Walk with all that you feel comfortable to take and if they dont ask then so be it. Better to be prepared especially if you are doing it in the 3 year period.
  6. I don't think you will see in line for interview anymore.It will go from actively reviewing your case to interview schedule.
  7. Thank you for your kind words.With God iin the vessel I am smiling at the storm
  8. What an emotional and beautiful day today.Today I pledge my alligence to the united states of America. I look back on my journey and thank God for how far I have come along.During this process I transition from being happily married to becoming a devastated widow two years ago.Through it all I held on to my dreams and goals and is now an American Citizen. My dearest husband,I wish you were alive to see this dream come true.I wish u were in the crowd When I collected my certificate.I know you would be very proud. Over all there were 150 new citizens today with 95 from cuba and 4 from my homeland Jamaica. Thank you visa journey for your wealth of free information making this process smooth.All the best to everyone else on the journey.
  9. Just tell the officer at the interview you want to revert to your maiden name.I did it at my interview since I my husband is deceased.Its not a legal name change that needs to be done in the courthouse.So on my certificate it will only have my maiden name.Hope this helps to answer your question.
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