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  1. Great news! It’s so nice to see things moving again. Are guests allowed in FL? (Just curious)
  2. Yes I go the document on my USCIS today with a date of June 12th. 😁 No guests allowed unless you need a traducteur, or have a disability.
  3. After months of quiet, there might be some changes in Charlotte. Not holding my breath on it but... Now waiting on things to show up on My Uscis.
  4. I haven’t received one yet. That’s TBD. Someone on the December thread said they got it online 5 days after.
  5. May I ask you when you received your invitation to the oath ceremony? (In Charlotte too and just had my interview).
  6. I passed my interview!! I was in and out of the Charlotte office in less than 45 minutes. The agent was very matter of fact, made me swear, asked me the civics questions, asked me if I worked and where, went through all the yes no questions on the application, had me sign any changes and done. He did change my application from 3 to 5 years filling, mostly so he didn’t have to figure out extra papers it seems. The security agents were super sweet, asked how it went and congratulated me. If Covid-19 doesn’t get in the way, I was told to expect an invitation to the oath in 2-3 weeks.
  7. I applied 10/22/19 online and got a notification online on 2/5, this is for the Charlotte, NC field office. I’ve seen several people apply after I did and already gone through interviews and oaths that said (for the same field office).
  8. I realized that processing times likely depend not only on your field office, but also the agent in charge of it. i applied at the end of October, and I’ve seen several people with the same field office getting interview, and even take the oath, before I even got my invitation to one (happening this week!!) This process definitely takes patience.
  9. Congratulations. Your excitement made me smile.
  10. I wouldn’t stress it, you typically get at least a month notice for the interview. Wait and see, and if they overlap, you can always reschedule.
  11. Enter your Zip here https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices to know your field office. Go here https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/ For VJ timelines. You can update yours, and can also look for citizenship ones and sort by field offices. The timeframe of any application had more to do with your uscis local office than when you apply. For example Charlotte, NC is mine, and it’s a 4-8 month process. Seattle is like 14+
  12. How are timelines looking like for your field office? Also the document was added today (I got a notice this morning but the doc was in this afternoon). My interview will be on 3/12 in Charlotte first thing in the morning. I’ve update my VJ timeline to reflect it.
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