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  1. Damn, it is taking you a very long time as well. I was frustrated too. The inquiry date right now is Nov 10, sooner or later I am sure you will get a response. I had stopped thinking about it but there you go, I got approval when I least expected.
  2. Finally got approved today 😃 . Noa1 Nov 28 noa2: Aug 8. what is the next step now?
  3. Nov 28, 2017. Nebraska . Still waiting. Waiting is killing me.😒
  4. Nov 28. Nebraska and still waiting.
  5. I feel like I am the only one left for November filers who has not heard anything from USCIS. Nov 28 PD and Nebraska service center.
  6. Mine is Nov 28. 2017, NSC as well and I have not heard from USCIS at all. It's frustrating. Please give me any new updates.
  7. Conf Congrats.! You got more updates for NSC?
  8. Guys, any new updates for November, Nebraska!!
  9. Nov 13, NSC got approved yesterday. Not mine waiting for PD Nov 28.
  10. I got an email stating We have taken an action on your case. I checked my account, and there is nothing updated for my case. Case at Nebraska. I had a random case added on my account for PD November 10. Apparently , it's case is approved and sent to NVC. I believe i got an email for that case lol. Kinda sad to see it's not my case, but good thing is that it is for Nebraska and November.
  11. I saw one case got approved on May 22. PD Nov 10 for Nebraska.
  12. How can I guess priority dates for others?