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  1. Hi, he received the notification 8 days after his interview that it was ready for pick up.
  2. Thank you 😊, I am glad that our journeys had come to an end. Thank you so much for your help.
  3. How many packages do they send? Because for my husband in the Aramex app is showing 2
  4. FR I can't belive it 😔, i am surprised because you know almost everything about this process. Did the person tell you what was missing ?
  5. He is going to have his medical exam on April 2.
  6. Good luck to both you, I hope everything goes smooth and you get approve the same day ❤️
  7. My husband booked his appointment today for the medical exam. He will be dropping off the envelope with documents to the embassy. Are you going to bring with you copies of the same documents you are going to send through Aramex the day of your interview? I won't be able to be there the day of his interview because of work, so I am very stressed making sure he gets the things he will need for his interview.
  8. It is about the medical exam, how many days prior the interview should the medical exam be done?, and reading the website it says the documents have to be sent to the embassy one or two weeks prior the interview, what do you know about this?
  9. We got IL today 😁, I have to ask you something,
  10. I am so happy for you, this gives me hope I get IL next month.
  11. Sorry for some reason i thought your case was dq on october, lets hope is not that case, so now we will have to wait until next month?
  12. I am very sad, I was hopping it will be faster 😢. Did you get your IL?
  13. What months do you think they will be sending letters for ?
  14. Omg thank so much for sharing, this gives me hopes that our time will come very soon.
  15. I got DQ today, if it is not to much to ask please keep me update when you get your interview letter.
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