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  1. Oops I totally missed that! Thanks for your help, Mike!!
  2. Thanks for this - I've seen the page you shared but the fact that it says order a replacement of the CRBA threw me off. Does that suggest it was lost or you can just order a replacement to have an additional copy?
  3. Here to ask a similar question - does anyone know if we can make certified copies of the CRBA? So when baby needs to go to the DMV or apply for a passport again in the future, they don't need to provide the original CRBA?
  4. When did you get the email? This happened to me 2 months ago and we uploaded the missing things per the rfe - documents also say accepted. My final submission is October 8 as well. As for your question, you go back to the beginning of the queue unfortunately. So it'll take however long it takes them to review documents.
  5. I got an RFE note on October 8 for W2s and 1099s (we only uploaded transcripts) - uploaded them on the same day even though the AOS documents all say "accepted". Under the applicant's civil docs, the divorce certificate from a previous marriage was accepted but for some reason it was placed under 'additional docs' and there was a new row under required documents to upload the divorce certificate (it said 'missing') which doesn't make sense since it was actually uploaded and accepted? I don't remember uploading it under additional docs. In any case, we uploaded it again on October 8th. Really nervous about getting another RFE.
  6. Yes, thanks a lot! Just paid today, so I'll check back again to see if the status has changed to Paid in the next couple of days good luck to you!
  7. Did it take 5 days for your NVC fees to get processed? I just paid them today. Do you get an email saying the payment was processed or do you need to keep checking?
  8. Shukran Yes! Active review in February then again yesterday (the approval notice was in the documents section - case status still says active review)
  9. Got approved yesterday at Texas Service Center! PD September 14, 2021
  10. Ah got it yeah that's tough. So my spouse is a Ph.D. student (final year) and has been able to spend most of his time in Jordan with me, but he travels back and forth often. I would say he spends like 70% of his time in Jordan. I used to live in the US, but when we got married I decided to take a job in Jordan so I can do consular processing instead of AOS in the US (I didn't want to be unemployed while waiting for an EAD or GC). I'm not Jordanian.
  11. Also, do you know whether you can choose a different embassy once the i-130 is approved (at the NVC stage) as opposed to requesting that your case be transferred to another embassy?
  12. Sorry to hear that. Our I-130 has been pending for 302 days. Are you and your wife living together in Jordan? Also, not sure if this helps but apparently the US embassy in Jordan just announced visa walk-ins (no appointment needed) for employment based visas - so perhaps they're going to open up fully.
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