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  1. Hi! Got my approval but it’s taken a while as I had moved countries and had to get the US embassy in Australia to request and then get the file from my previous country. now that headache is over… on the portal.usatraveldocs website to register for my interview I need to enter a priority date but my I-797 is blank in that section. What date should I put? (edit: got my approval in April)
  2. I got my approval and notice in the mail! Is there another group we join after this one? I'm hoping the NVC will send the information to our American address (always been the same) as we have moved from the previous address in Japan (beneficiary's old address, new address is in another county).....
  3. I wondered what happened to this case? I feel like I’ve been reading days of our lives and really want to know the ending.
  4. Hi all quick question, if the K1 beneficiary has moved address (actually to a different country), where do we notify the USCIS?
  5. Hi all lovely visa journey members! I have loved reading your widens stories while I am waiting for my K1 visa to be with my fiancé from the US. We are thinking about starting a family but unsure if we should begin that now in my home country or when we arrive in the US. my concern is, he has been working outside the US and will be working outside the US until we get the K1 visa. If we get pregnant here we have free medical and full support. Babies are expensive but the entire process up to and including the birth would be free. As my age is a factor and also the K1 visa process seems to be taking FOREVER we would be wanting to start trying as soon as we arrive in the US but are worried about being covered medically. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with starting a family in the US and how long we would need to wait before cover would kick in? Thank you all in advance ❤️
  6. My K1 visa. I-129 F Sent February 4th, 2022 I-129 F - Notice Date - February 7 , 2022 (NOA1) Not sure how everyone else is going but I’m already so stressed that this process seems to take so long… There are still 33,550 cases pending from January 2021 to Feb 7th. If they process 100 cases per day inc weekends we will get our NOA2 in 335 days from today. Sigh…
  7. Japan feb 2022 K1 filer here. Have been thinking about flying to meet my fiancé and get married then apply for CR1. The main priority is being together. Money or the K1 being a pain is not an issue. Does anyone know a timeline for CR1 vs K1 (specifically for Japan)? On a side note, what was the medical like? I don’t have all of my immunization records, pretty sure I am also due another tetanus shot….
  8. Yes definitely I-129f BUT I did just find out from another member that they could have been expedited cases as first the case goes from “request to expedite approved” to “case approved” Keeping fingers crossed that case approval speeds up
  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I found it so interesting.... I got my NOA1 on Feb7th 2022, I noticed that besides the 'expedited approved' which are when Ukrainian K1s are approved, there are 5 already in my 'batch' approved... How??? How are some K1's approved so fast?
  10. That's terrible! It does sound like your visa isn't rejected as much as it is 'On Hold'. I have read one post about someone going for an interview but submitting their medical information after the interview took place and they were fine in the end. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! On a side note, how did you chose which hospital to get the medical done at?
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