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  1. Yes. Just wait. You will get something that says you are approved to schedule an appointment.
  2. So, from what I seen, this is like the catch 22 thing. You get through I-130, but then here is the Affidavit of Support hurdle that many people can't overcome. So, what is all about? The U.S. Goverment does NOT want to have to end up having a person to immigrate to the U.S. to only then have the tax payer to pay for their living expenses. So what they do here is they want someone who they can get reimbursed from for any monies that the immigrant gets from the U.S. Tax payer. This is sort of like having your parents co-sign for your car loan. With this said, the U.S. Goverment does not care who co-signs, as long as someone or a group of someone does who income and/or assets are U.S. base. After all, it's hard to garnish someone's wages in a foreign country, but they can do it real easy like in the U.S. With this said, personally, I would NEVER co-sign for ANYONE except for my wife and small children. But that's me. With that said, many in this situation has the U.S. Spouse go back to the U.S. and get a job to meet the income requirements. Best Wishes, and good luck.
  3. Just a sheet of paper with vaccinations. When we had our interview during document review, they asked us if we had the medical done, and we said yes. He looked in the computer and said that they had everything, and they just needed to print it out. Note we Had our medical on Thursday, and today is Tuesday.
  4. We wrote them, and they came the today with the answer of yes. It's sad that there is a lot of mis-information out there.
  5. So, our interview is on Tuesday for my CR1 Wife at the Frankfurt Consulate. My wife is reading from some sites the U.S. Petition Spouse is not allowed to accompany the immigrant spouse. However according https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/FRN-Frankfurt.html Accompanying persons The following persons may accompany a visa applicant to their interview: U.S. citizen petitioners Interpreter: Applicants may bring ONE interpreter if they do not speak English or German well enough to participate in an interview. Special Needs Visitors: Applicants may bring ONE person to help if they are elderly, disabled, or a minor child. Does anyone know if there has been a policy change, perhaps due to COVID so that I may not attend?
  6. First you select the second option when you go to schedule the appointment. That is for address registration. It is CONFUSING. After you have done that, and they approve you for you to schedule an appointment you will do the schedule appointment thing. It took me a few tries to figure it out.
  7. There should be a print button some place. I can't remember where. Also, you will get an email with an attachment of the confirmation page. Additionally, I would suggest you also go into the site and download a copy of the application itself. If questions are going to be asked during your interview, most likely they will want to verify some of the data you submitted. Pro Tip: If you are submitting documents that required translation like I did, make sure you submit the ORIGINAL Pen and Ink Signed Translation Certificates. I didn't and now we have to bring them on interview day. Not a big thing, but it would have been nice to come in empty handed.
  8. Your NVC Case number is the case number that is on your I-130 for DCF cases. For Frankfurt it begins with FRN
  9. From my understanding, you only need according to their site: Paperwork from the U.S. Consulate with Case Number if available(DS-260 od DS-160 confirmation page) Also, another long pole is the "Police Certificate/Report for the various countries that the immigrant has lived in. Note, Thailand took 30 days to hand ours over. One last thing, the medical exam is only good for 6 months. And your VISA expiration is tied to it. So your visa expires six months after your medical was given.
  10. Four our current address, I used my German Address, and there is a place for an address for where you plan to move. There I used my home of record. BTW, you can only do consular processing if the U.S. Spouse has been in Germany for like six months. So, you need to keep the story straight. With that said, if you have an approval for the I-130 and they have invited you to fill out a DS-260, I would do it as soon as you can knowing it takes about 8 days to approve. Also, you will need a medical exam, and the one place that does them in Frankfurt are all booked up. You might have to go to Berlin, Hamburg, or München for that. You can also just keep checking back with their booking system to see if an appointment opens up. Here is the web address of the docs that do examinations here in Frankfurt. https://www.internisten-im-westend.de/medical-visa/ We were fortunate and got an appointment for this Thursday.
  11. Got the email yesterday to schedule an appointment with the Frankfurt Consulate. Got this response after submitting. Was a bit surprised that we didn't see appointment dates. Did I do something wrong. How long does it take before we will see some dates pop up?
  12. Hello Yesterday I went to schedule our appointment with Frankfurt Consulate. Did the registration address thing and then to do the appointment. I was a bit surprised when it didn't like give a list of available appointments to select from. It just said that something like we would be contacted later. Is this what happened to you. Just wondering if I did something wrong.
  13. I just sent my wife's documents for her VISA yesterday via regular mail with tracking. It was a package that was about 1/2 inch thick. I am sure they got it. Will check tomarrow. I live in Kelkheim, which is only about 15 KM from the consulate.
  14. 8 days later I got an email that showed that her I-130 was approved along with instructions for the full packet. Note, make sure you do a cover letter and a table of contents. Do not staple anything. You should use tabs for your documents to match your table of contents. And I use a big bind clip to bind the whole package from the top. You want to make it easy for them to see what you have sent them and to be able to find it quickly. When you go through the I-130 everywhere, where it asks you something and you can support the claim by a document, just provide a copy of the document. And in your cover letter you can explain why your are providing the document. For example: Not actual question. Question 34: Have you attended college? Answer Yes. Then include the diploma, and explain in your cover letter something like this: Question 34: Education: I am providing my college diploma in TAB C to give evidence of my secondary school Note, this more than what is required, but think of this process from their stand point of view. No one wants to receive a Form, and just a bunch of copies of documents. You need to tell a story to the adjudicator and show where you can that you have evidence to back up part of your story. And you want to make it so that they can find everything easily. Also, realize that they have checklist of things they are looking for, you want them to be able to complete their check list in as little time as possible. In essence, if you make it easy for them, I think your approval will come very fast like mine did. If you send in the bare minimum it might still get approved, but then you might get an RFE, or worse they might decide your case is to difficult and that it needs to be processed by USCIS in the States. Which is something you really do not want. That's like the kiss of death in that first your case would get marked a complicated, and then it gets sent to the states where it goes with all the other complicated cases. In essence, make it easy for them to approve and difficult for them to deny or pass on to the states for further processing.
  15. I sent via Deutsch Post with tracking. DHL cost way too much and gives next to no additional benefits. FYI, I used Deutsch Post to send my wife's passport and SOFA card to Thailand and it was like around 7 euros. DHL wanted like 50. She got in less than 10 days.
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