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  1. Yes, she being the said cousin. And yes, she is married. So now she submits all pages and schedules and a new form I864? Doe she need to write a letter explaining anything?
  2. Hello all, So this is for my cousin who filed AOS for her mom who was already here on B1/B2 visa. Please see the attached pictures. She filed with her husband as a joint sponsor. So he filled out a form I-864 same as her. Should she have put her husband down as a household member instead? The evidence she submitted was their joint tax return of previous years. We are just confused as to what she should be submitting now and if using her husband as joint sponsor was the first mistake. So I guess my question is, in response to this RFE, what should she send to USCIS? Thank you all for your help in advance.
  3. This is very helpful. I'll push reporting to USCIS till the end of the month. It will be good enough time to inform them. Where/how do I report it though? Am I contacting Emma or writing a letter? If letter, where am I addressing it to? My case is being processed in Nebraska(LIN) Thank you
  4. If the decree isn't ready in the stipulated time given, doesn't that jeopardize my case?
  5. Hi, My soon to be ex husband(USC) and I jointly filed to remove my condition June 2021. We are now going through a divorce and I have a question. Should I inform USCIS of the divorce now or wait until I have a divorce decree to let them know I would now be going at it alone?
  6. Hi RCCC, If I understand this correctly, you started your ROC as a joint petition and got a divorce along the way? Did you inform USCIS when the divorce started or you waited until you had the divorce decree to send it in?
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