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  1. Hi all, I know it's a week away from July, though due to some hold ups at my end, I won't be filing my I-751 ROC until the very beginning of July. My conditional Green Card expires at the beginning of August and I could have filed back in May. Well, had we not been away from home until mid June and dealing with all manner of other things (a fractured Achilles Tendon being one of them!) I would have been on the case quicker. I've already completed the I-751 PDF, so other than being signed and dated, that's ready to go. What is taking a while is getting all the evidence together. I did manage to put certain things to one side since the date that we were married in view of the ROC, though there is still much I feel I need to find. Reading the USCIS guidelines it seemed pretty simple and it didn't appear that a huge amount of evidence is required. Then I read through this ROC section of the forum and saw some of the packages people had sent - how much stuff were they sending?!!! Got me all nervous when I started looking at how little I appeared to have. However, I have been gathering various items and already the "pack" is thickening up. I will be glad to get the pack completed and sent so that everything is back in the system so to speak. Then it will be a waiting game again. Those memories of the K1 visa and Adjustment of Status come flooding back! Good luck to all July 2018 filers. May your journey be smooth and timely, and that you'll very soon have your conditions removed. Let the July 2018 games begin!
  2. My husband was denied entry on his plane last night by Air Canada in the Lima, Peru airport. He had his passport, expired green card, and his I-797 notice of action showing that his green card is extended a year and he is authorized for travel while we wait for the removal of conditions on his green card. He also had an ETA (electronic travel authorization), which as far as I can tell, is all that is needed for a US permanent resident to travel to/through Canada. His flight goes through Toronto before entering the US. He was told that the I-797 was not a valid travel document. Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions about what we can do to get him home? All Air Canada agents on the phone are very unhelpful, and they no agents arrive in the airport until 10pm, so he wasn't able to speak with anyone this afternoon. We're looking at other airlines, but don't want to pay an outrageous cost for a new ticket when there's no valid reason he's being denied entry.
  3. My situation is a bit unusual. I found a couple of posts here for people going through something similar but not exactly the same, that's why I'm starting a new post. Here is the story: I filed I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence in January 2018. I received an I-797 Notice of Action which extends my conditional resident status for an additional 18 months. My conditional green card (permanent resident card) expired in March 2018. I lost my wallet with the expired conditional green card in it last month. So now, I have the I-797 Notice of Action documents that extend my conditional permanent residency status but I do not have the expired conditional green card itself (The physical, original card itself). Now, I'm eligible to submit my N-400, Application for Naturalization to get my citizenship Now, given the above context, here are my questions: What happens if the N-400 application is approved, the biometrics and interview are done, and it's the oath ceremony when I'm supposed to be getting my naturalization certificate, but by that time, I still don't have my 10-year green card and I don't have my old expired green card? I read somewhere that they wouldn't give me my naturalization certificate if I don't hand them my green card on that day! Should I file an I-90 application? Does it even apply for my case? I already have an I-751 going. Also, does it even work to file an I-90 to replace a lost green card that also happens to be expired? I'd really appreciate your input here. Thank you!
  4. Could not find a thread for October filers, so thought I'd create one. After much delay, finally dispatched my I-751 packet today to the Vermont Service Center. Expected to reach there on Monday, October 3, 2016. Now the wait begins.
  5. Hello everyone, I am really nervous about my application to remove my condition this coming December 25 2018. I am anxious because I don't know if we will have enough documents to show as proof of marriage. These are the legal documents that we have so far : 2016 and 2017 tax returns, joint health insurance for 2017, 2018 ,also one for 2019. I am on one of my husband's credit card, but we don't have a joint bank account. We don't have apartment lease that we have on both of our names but our apartment management office can give us a letter to say that we live together in the apartment. I will also ask for our super to write an affidavit to prove that we are living in the apartment together since 2016. As for affidavits, we have few friends we can ask for it and my mother and father in law. We have tons of pictures together, travel documents, flights and hotel itinerary. We also joined some activities that show on tickets that we have our names on like NYC Bike Tour, Keto Fest 2018, F1 race in Mexico. Some events doesn't have our names on like some concert and Broadway shows we attended. We also have costco and BJs membership together. My worries are we don't have joint savings and checking account. I regret I didn't do it, I thought my name riding on his credit card should be enough, and the apartment lease wasn't on joint as well but apartment management would give us letters. Will my evidence be enough to show that our marriage is bonafide? Thanks in advance for your replies. I am just very anxious. Johnna
  6. Dear Visa Journey MIlitary/Veteran/military families community first of all thank you to those who served/are serving. So I am currently waiting on my Removal of conditions I am a June 2017 filer on the California Service Center so unfortunately judging by other folk's experiences I am looking at a looooong wait 14-18 Months The issue is that I am scheduled to ship to Marines Bootcamp this coming early August and if current trends continue I fully expect for my ROC application to still be pending by then. In light of that I am a little concerned about possible Requests for evidence sent in my absence and God forbid even an interview. I know it sounds ridiculous but they (I have seen it with many people) wait literally over a year to start reviewing your application and oftentimes they send you a RFE after over a year of backlog. Also, I know I-751 interviews are rare, but what would happen if they call me and my wife for an interview while I am in bootcamp, what can I do? Is not possible for me to request a leave of absence from training. Also with regard to RFE's I am the one who has always taken care of all the immigration paperwork. Any advice as to how to prepare everything for my spouse who is inexperienced on this processes, so she can successfully respond to an hypothetical RFE? By the way for those curious about it the Marines does take in recruits for enlistment with conditional I-55's 1 the only difference is that due to newly passed regulations their waiting period is way more extensive than regular (citizens) applicants. Thanks! Quote
  7. Hey all! So my conditional GC expired 3/28/2019. I am sending off my I751 in January. Filing from AZ. The house we are in now in AZ and in both our names is SELLING 01/03/2019. My husband is going to a different state for a short term work contract, and I am living with a friend temporarily in AZ.. I don't know what to put as physical address? IF i put that my husband is in a different state will that raise serious questions? Or can I put my new AZ address as both of ours? HELP PLEASE!
  8. Hi! Didn't see a September 2018 group posted so thought of starting one. I just sent my packet today via USPS to California Service Center. My anxiety is through the roof! My packet is probably 100-150 pages, mainly because of the bills and photos. My window opened on August 5 (my GC is set to expire on 11/5) but had to wait for a few documents to come in the mail, which explains why I submitted only now. Hope that's okay? It's still within the 90-day window, right?
  9. Hi All, My husband and I are currently working on completing the i-751 form. We are just confused with Part 7 and Part 8. I am the conditional resident and my husband is the USC. On page 6, Part 7 (Petitioner's Statement and Contact Information) items number 3, 4 & 5 (Petitioner's Contact Info) - should it be my husband's contact info? I am pretty sure it should be his HOWEVER on page 7, Part 8 (Spouse's or Individual's listed in PART 4's statement), items number 3, 4 & 5 (Spouse's or Individual's Contact Info) - should it still be my husband's still???? Also, since we are confused on those 2 parts mentioned above, could you please help clarify on who needs to sign on the following: - Page 7, part 6, item 6a (petitioner's signature) - Part 8, page 7, item 6a (spouse's or individual's signature) Also, for the items that do not apply to us, like we do not have children, should we leave those spaces blank or should we type in "n/a" or "none"? Please advise. Thank you so much in advance for your help!!!
  10. I am married to my US spouse since February 2016. I recently filed I-795 to remove conditions of my 2 year conditional green card which expires November 29, 2018. I've already received an 18 months extension from immigration while they work on my case, and I have an upcoming biometrics appointment. I read that I can apply for Naturalization in my 3rd year as a green card holder before even receiving my 10 year green card. How true is this? And after naturalization, I want to file for my mother, how long will that take? I also have a younger brother, but I heard I cannot file for a sibling. I'm very down because I miss my family so much.
  11. I'm in the process of removing the conditions of my marriage based green card. I already filed my I-751 and received my 1 year extension letter in the mail. I just got a new job, signed the contract on 3/28, now my Green Card expired 4/3. They did not accept my DHS letter as enough proof of my work authorization, they did E-Verify but I think the employee input my information incorrectly because a message error kept popping up, she said it's a new system and they're not even sure how it works... so now I'm stuck with a Tentative Nonconfirmation email that I just received and I don't know what to do. I tried calling the phone number but they're closed now, so I'll call back tomorrow. And I'll have to ask my employer for a copy. I'm seriously losing my mind, I've been having issue after issue since that Green Card expired. The Social Security Office couldn't help either. I can't take it anymore! Give me advice please.
  12. Hello! I filed an I-751 over a year ago without approval yet. I am looking to book an InfoPass appointment to get the extension stamp at my local office (Washington DC) however it is impossible to get an appointment there right now and I have been trying for a while. My question is, do I need to go to my local office or can I go to another? There are always appointments at the Norfolk, VA office around 4 hours south of DC. Can I just go there? Thanks in advance! Jason
  13. Hi everyone, filling out my I-751 divorce waiver and stumped on #13 (see attached). My divorce has started but will be finalized after the 90-day submission window ends so I'm not sure what to fill out in the Date of Divorce box. "Not final yet"? "Pending"? "TBD"? "Soon"? "Sometime in December"? Lol. Has anyone here been through this and know what to write? Google has been helpful thusfar, just stumped on this one thing. I know how particular they are. Thanks in advance for any input!
  14. Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about all these Green cards procedures to do. So I'm actually sending my package to remove my conditions on my GC but I'm wondering - does that mean I'm automatically applying for the 10 years one??? Or that's something I have to do AFTER being accepted for the removal of conditions? I don't know why it's so many things to keep track of - but I need to know if I have to apply for the 10 years while I'm waiting for the removal? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME.
  15. Hi Everyone, I am very distraught as I am typing this post. We are about to file for joint petition to remove conditions on October 2018 in about 1.5 months away. I just found out today that my wife is possibly pregnant by another man. I am so frustrated and feel so lost in all this. I have noticed that she has been working late the past couple of months. She started to be cold and distant. When I ask her if she's okay, when I know...I KNOW that we've not been too okay, she says yes or just shrugs me off. We've been fighting and what not. I try not to make a big deal out of things but I have been suspecting that something is off. We loved each other but now, I just don't know anymore. Now this. She finally told me today that she has been seeing this other guy whom she met at an office party. They've been seeing each other the past couple of months and now she suspects that she is pregnant with his child. I can't stand this. I know for a fact that I am not the father, since at least on my part, I have been taking preventive measures because I wanted for us to have our children when I am fully able to support them but not as of now. I am planning on pursuing further education to be able to build a good life for when we do have kids but MY KIDS. I don't know what to do. I don't have time to even drag my feet to take all of this in, because we have an I-751 soon that needs to be filed. I'm not sure if delaying divorce proceedings would cause me to end up paying child support for a child that isn't mine. I have no hatred against the child if she is indeed pregnant, but I also can't jeopardize the future life of me with my own kids. And I don't think I can longer stand to be hurt repeatedly with all the lies and betrayal. How should I proceed with our I-751? Will I end up paying child support for a child who isn't mine even if I do a DNA test and if divorce is finalized before she gives birth? (given that we do decide to get divorced. this is too much for me.) Can anyone shed some light in this matter? I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. Hi Everyone, We have been gathering our evidences to get ready to file for joint I-751. We were married on Aug 2016. AOS interviewed on Nov 2016. Will be filing I-751 on Oct 2018. We have lived together since Aug 2016 at our first address. We moved to our second address on May 2018. I can no longer find some of our older utility bills from our previous residence. However, I managed to retrieve one utility bill or utility notice sent for each year we lived there 2016-2018. Should that be fine? Or is it necessary that we have every monthly or quarterly bills? Anyway, here is our list of evidences that we will be submitting for ROC in detail of every piece that we will be putting into our submission. I think we should be set, but it would be great to get feedback if we missed anything or if you have any advice/suggestions on the matter, we would truly appreciate it: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse 123 Street Address City, State Zip USCIS California Service Center PO BOX 10751 Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-1075 [Date of Submission] RE: I-751 Joint Petition To Remove Conditions Of Status On: Mickey Mouse (A #: xxx-xxx-xxx) ORIGINAL SUBMISSION Dear Sir/Maam: Greetings! Enclosed please find a Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence (Form I-751). Conditional residence of my husband, Mickey Mouse, is based on our marriage and we are jointly filing this petition. We are happily married and request that this petition be accepted for the removal of conditions on his residence. Please find the following enclosed: ⦁ $680.00 Money Order (for the Filing Fee of $595.00 and Biometric Fee of $85.00) ⦁ Copy of Mickey Mouse's conditional permanent resident card (front and back) ⦁ Form I-751 ⦁ Evidences of the Relationship Exhibit A. EVIDENCES SHOWING JOINT OCCUPANCY OF PROPERTY/COMMUNAL RESIDENCE: Exhibit A.1 PREVIOUS ADDRESS RESIDED FROM AUGUST 2016 – JUNE 2018 ⦁ Copy of Driver's Licenses showing the same address of residence ⦁ Joint Apartment Lease at Previous Address [Mickey Mouse (husband) could only be added to lease on January 2017 after receiving his ssn and California ID. This addition was done after the holidays. After the first written lease expired, our landlady allowed both of us to continue living at our apartment on a month to month basis as long as we continue paying rent. We, therefore, did not have to sign a new lease.] Proofs of continued communal residence at Previous Address: ⦁ Joint Home Insurance – Liberty Mutual (Policy Declaration) ⦁ Utility Bills & Notices (sent to each spouse but shows same address of residence): Electricity (under wife's name) – Southern California Edison: ⦁ 2016 September (deposit payment receipt) ⦁ 2017 November (promotion notice) ⦁ 2018 April (bill notice) Internet (under husband's name) – Time Warner Cable/Spectrum: ⦁ 2016 November (statement) ⦁ 2017 April (account notification) ⦁ 2017 October (statement) ⦁ 2018 March (statement) ⦁ 2018 May (promotion notice) Exhibit A.2 PRESENT ADDRESS RESIDED FROM MAY 2018 - PRESENT ⦁ Sworn Declaration of Joint Residence at Present Address provided by great aunt who owns the house (supported with her driver's license copy and photos of us together with her) Moved to Present Address residence on May 2018 (economic reasons & to accompany older relative) Attached also: copy of USCIS address change confirmation of AR-11. We mailed in I-185 Form. Proofs of continued communal residence at Present Address: ⦁ Joint Phone Bills (T-Mobile) ⦁ 2018 June – October ⦁ Joint Home Insurance – Liberty Mutual (Policy Declaration) Exhibit A.3: OTHER EVIDENCES OF JOINT OCCUPANCY OF PROPERTY/COMMUNAL RESIDENCE ⦁ Greeting Cards/Letters received from friends and family addressed to both husband and wife (2016-2018) PREVIOUS ADDRESS ⦁ 2016 August - Wedding Congratulatory ⦁ 2016 December - Christmas Greeting ⦁ 2017 January - Birthday Card to Minnie Mouse ⦁ 2017 April - Birthday Card to Mickey Mouse ⦁ 2017 August - 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Card ⦁ 2017 December – Christmas Greeting ⦁ 2018 January - Belated Holiday Greetings ⦁ 2018 April - Easter Greeting Card PRESENT ADDRESS ⦁ 2018 June – Cousin’s Birthday Invitation ⦁ 2018 August - 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Card ⦁ 2018 September – Card (perhaps if we recv any) Exhibit B. JOINT FINANCIAL RECORDS ⦁ Official IRS Tax Account & Tax Return Transcripts [filed married jointly] 2016 Tax Period 2017 Tax Period ⦁ Copies of Joint Bank Cards Wells Fargo Debit Cards (Both are Primary Users) JetBlue/Barclay Credit Cards (Minnie Mouse as Primary / Mickey Mouse as Authorized) Capital One Credit Cards (Mickey Mouse as Primary / Minnie Mouse as Authorized) ⦁ Joint Checking Bank Statements -- Wells Fargo (Bi Monthly) PREVIOUS ADDRESS 2016 August to 2018 May PRESENT ADDRESS 2018 May to 2018 October Exhibit C. OTHER EVIDENCES SHOWING JOINT RESPONSIBILITY OF LIABILITIES: ⦁ Joint Auto Insurance --Alliance United Insurance Company (Coverage Declaration, Cards, and Proofs of Payments) (Before August 2017, wife's employer was paying for her auto insurance as she’s using their company vehicle until they told her to get her own personal insurance. Thus, our joint policy.) PREVIOUS ADDRESS 2017-2018 Period PRESENT ADDRESS 2018-2019 Period ⦁ Joint Vision Insurance – Vision Plan Of America (copy of joint insurance cards and evidence of coverage) Previous Address Present Address ⦁ Joint Dental Insurance (2016-2018) -- Policy, Cards, Statements Previous Address – Anthem Blue Cross Present Address – Blue Shield Of California (Note: The second page of each statement shows that we are both beneficiaries under same coverage) Exhibit D. OTHER EVIDENCES OF RELATIONSHIP: ⦁ Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate ⦁ Two Sworn Statements attesting our marriage Supplied by (uncle & aunt) supported with photos Supplied by (friend) supported with photo ⦁ Joint Entertainment Subscriptions – Hulu & Netflix (screenshots) ⦁ Time Lined Pictures of married couple together and with friends & family (dated from marriage) 2016 ⦁ 2016 August – Our Wedding ⦁ 2016 October -- at Uncle Scrooge’s Birthday ⦁ 2016 November – Thanksgiving ⦁ 2016 December – at Rapunzel and Flynn’s Wedding (cousins) ⦁ 2016 December – Christmas & Holidays 2017 ⦁ 2017 Our Birthdays ⦁ 2017 February -- Valentine’s ⦁ 2017 April -- Easter Sunday ⦁ 2017 June – at Great Uncle’s Funeral & Oakland family visit ⦁ 2017 August – 1st Year Anniversary ⦁ 2017 October – at Filipino Food Event ⦁ 2017 November – Thanksgiving ⦁ 2017 December – Christmas & Holidays 2018 ⦁ 2018 January – Minnie’s Birthday ⦁ 2018 February – Valentine’s ⦁ 2018 March – at friend's Baby Shower ⦁ 2018 April – Mickey’s Birthday ⦁ 2018 July – 4th Of July ⦁ 2018 August – 2nd Year Anniversary ⦁ 2018 September – Labor Day Weekend ⦁ (2016-2018) Other Random Pictures with friends & family ⦁ Out Of Town Trips Together ⦁ 2016 November -- to Seattle (Plane Tickets & Pictures) ⦁ 2017 June -- to Oakland/San Francisco (Plane Tickets, Hotel, Car Rental & Pictures) ⦁ 2017 August -- to Washington & Oregon (Road Trip; Pictures) ⦁ 2018 September – to Laughlin, NV (Road Trip; Pictures) ⦁ 2018 Upcoming Trip to Arizona on November (Plane Ticket Itinerary) You may feel free to inquire at any source of enclosed documentation in order to verify the information we attached. However, if you feel that more information is needed, do not hesitate to contact us at the address (or by phone) we specified in our application. Thank you for accepting and processing our petitioned request. Very Truly, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We just want to ensure we are submitting enough into evidence, and pray to God that our process goes smoothly and quickly. As I've read that the process is already long enough, we want to avoid RFEs and/or any interview(s) that would only further delay our petition's adjudication. Thank you!!!
  17. Hi vj'ers! My package are ready to mail on the 2nd of this month. Goodluck to us!
  18. I'm preparing my wife's RoC I-751 application and I see that the filing fee is $505. Is says an $85 biometric services fee is required for petitioner. However, the instructions also say that it is required for conditional residents, but not lawful permanent resident spouses. This being RoC, my wife has the two-year green card and is a conditional permanent resident. Which category would she fall into: needing to pay the biometric services fee or not? Thanks!
  19. Hello to everyone. I hope someone can give me input . I received an RFE from my filing of I-751 filing removal of conditions. I have to submit the additional documents until Nov 3 this year. I would like to know if I can apply for Citizenship during this process since Ir reached 3 years from July 29, 2018 married to US Citizen spouse. Does anyone have an idea or experience regarding this ? Or do I need to finish submitting my RFE and wait for my green card approved and from there apply for citizenship? I appreciated any inputs. Thank you so much!
  20. With I-751 pending since October 2017, and biometrics complete, is it possible to apply for Global Entry with Green Card and Extension Letter or best to wait until ROC is complete?
  21. Hi vj'ers! I've a concurrent application in process with USCIS for I-751 RoC (filed March 2017) at CSC (transferred to NBC on May 1st 2018) and N-400 filed online (Jan 2018 - local office Chicago IL). I'm married to a US Citizen wife. My wife and I are expecting our first baby in Nov '18. My wife wants to adopt my last name before our baby is born. We were thinking of initiating the name change process for my wife this week. But I'm not quite sure if that's a good option or not while my application for I-751 and N-400 is in process by USCIS. Theoretically, it should be fine provided we notify USCIS as soon as my wife changes her last name with SSA/DMV etc. Has anyone been in similar situation of changing name while their applications were in process? Even if not, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! I'll be so thankful for your response!
  22. Hi there - I've read a lot of topics about switching employers while the I-751 is pending - so I feel comforted that I can indeed switch employers even though 1) my I-751 is pending, 2) by green card has expired; 3) my receipt of submission has not yet expired (when it does I can get that extra stamp...). My question is: If I do switch employers, do I need to append anything to my application at USCIS? Since I had to list my employer, prove income, etc, do I need to do anything to update USCIS of my new employer while the I-751 is still being processed. Or, do I simply do nothing, and if I get called in for a follow up interview for removal of conditions, just be prepared to mention a new employer? Any input would be appreciated, as I didn't see this topic discussed anywhere.
  23. Hi everyone, Hope to get some clarification and advice here. Back in February 2017 my husband and I jointly filed i-751. Since that time a lot of things happened between us and at the end of last year I moved out from him. Not long ago I received RFE from USCIS asking for more evidence. I was going to write a letter to USCIS letting them now that we are currently separated, so they will treat the case as a solo petitioner, but can't find any forms or info about how to do that properly. Do I need to add all the documents proving our marriage was real or will have to bring it all to the final interview? Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hello all, I recently got approved for my 10 yr green card, having divorce while in ROC. I have received some messages about my particular situation with my ROC process, so I think is a good idea to share my experience and what I did. The background story: I got married to a USC and I adjusted my status. I got my Conditional Residence in 2014. We had a good marriage for a few years and then I was set to Remove my conditions in 2016. I completed the paperwork, sent a ton of evidence, my then husband signed and we sent everything to the service center. I received a one-year extension letter and did my biometrics. Then in 2017 my husband and I began to have serious issues. We tried therapy, and after a few sessions and information I didn't know about before, it was obvious to me that I could not forgive what he did, I moved out and filed for divorce. By this time my ROC was still pending. This is what I did: I changed my address on USCIS as soon as I moved out. Once my divorce was final (took only two months) I sent my divorce decree, a letter asking them to change my petition to divorce waiver, 2017 tax returns, and a letter from our therapist to the same service center with a copy of both my NOA1 and my biometrics appt letter. I sent the package overnight and certified. I called a week after and talked to a Tier 2 officer to ask if there was anything else I needed to do. I was told that all was good, and to call back after 60 days to make sure my new documents were placed in my file. I called again after 60 days, the tier 2 officer place a service request. I got a letter a week after saying that the documents were in fact placed with my file. I received an approval in 2018, no RFE, no interview. If you are going through something similar, I know the struggle. Having to worry about all the immigration updates on top of all the issues you are living with divorce is hard (specially if you are the one who was hurt by your spouse). But, remember to keep USCIS updated! and keep a record of everything you send them.
  25. Hello All! I have been on my conditional GC since Sept 2016. Now I am filing for ROC as my conditional GC expires in Sept. I am in the final stages of sending the documentation to USCIS. I intend to send out the packet by end of this week. Here is the list of documentation that I currently have. Let me know what are your thoughts on this list. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks in advance. Exhibit 1: Original Bank Personal Check, in the amount of $595.00 for payment of the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence + Bio metric fee. Total of $680.00 Form G-1145 Cover Letter Original Form I-751 filled and signed by Petitioner and US Citizen Spouse Addendum for Form I-751 (showing previous address) Exhibit 2: Copy of Marriage certificate between Petitioner and US Citizen spouse, showing marriage on August 07, 2015 in Richardson, TX Exhibit 3: Copy of Birth Certificate of our daughter born in USA in April 2018 showing both parents names. Copy of Verification of Birth facts provided by the hospital showing both our names. Exhibit 4: Copies of Petitioner and US Citizen Spouse driver’s license showing joint residence at “Our Address” Exhibit D: 2015 IRS Transcript along with corresponding W2s 2016 IRS Transcript along with corresponding W2s. Also attached is copy of check that was issued as a refund addressed to both of us. 2017 IRS Transcript along with corresponding W2s along with amendment filed. Exhibit 5: Copies of monthly bank statements of our joint Checking accounts since August 2015, showing various financial co-mingling such as rent payments, car loan payments, and Mortgage payments. Exhibit 6: Copy of monthly mortgage statements from April 2017 to current. Final Closing Disclosure 2017 Customer Account Activity Statement Escrow activity addressed to both of us Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement Property details from Denton County Appraisal Board showing both of our names. 2017 & 2018 Notice of appraised value showing both our names Contract between Home builder and both of us, including the final price of the house. Homeowners insurance policy showing both of us at policy holder (2017 and 2018) Copy of previous Apartment lease showing both are names from January 2015. Exhibit 7: Copies of The City water bill for the past one year (July 2017 till June 2018) showing our joint names. Copies of the electric bill for past 3 months showing both our names and address. Copies of our gas bill and DirectTV bill for past 3 months. They are not joint (only shows either one of our names), though they still show the same service address. Exhibit 8: Copy of our current Health insurance card including my spouse and daughter’s. Copy of current automobile insurance policy showing both our names and current address for both our cars. Copy of previous health insurance cards showing both our names since August 2015. Copy of previous vehicle insurance policy from August 2015 onwards. Exhibit 9: Copy of vehicle title showing both our names. 2015 Loan documentation for one of the cars showing both our names. Registration receipts for the vehicle from 2015-Current showing both our names. Exhibit 10: Copies of Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for my wife and daughter’s doctors visit. EOB clearly lists my daughter and wife as dependent and me as a primary policy holder. Copy of my work benefit statement showing the type of my insurance plan, life insurance, my wife and daughter being listed as dependents along with life event dates (Marriage and birth of my daughter) Copies of letter from my wife’s employer showing me as covered for additional life insurance. Copy of my employer’s 401(k) statement (for last 1 year) showing my wife as the primary beneficiary. Exhibit 11: Copies of Costco, Sam’s Club membership. Copies of AAA membership from 2016 onwards. Printout of screenshot from work showing emergency contact listed as spouse. Exhibit 12: Itineraries of all the trips taken together by the Petitioner and US Citizen wife since Jan 2014 including international trip to HK and India. Exhibit 13: Copies of photos of us together with friends and family. These pics were taken both in US and internationally. Exhibit 14: Copy of Engagement ring receipt. Copy of Appraisal for Engagement ring.