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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I'm way ahead for ROC at the moment, I'm not due until October or so next year but I'd like to get ahead. I've already begun collecting some documents but at this moment would like some samples of what people have sent for their ROC as samples of showing co-mingling in their lives. This is what I have/will have collected for the package so far. -Joint bank accounts ✅ -Joint tax filing ✅ -Joint car insurance ✅ - Health insurance (not sure how to show this, but we're military so my coverage is under his name as sponsor) ✅ - Photos showing time spent together with family/together ✅ - Flight tickets together (Haven't flown a lot but at least 1 so far) ✅ - Joint bills with our names on them (water, electric, gas) ✅ - Possibly join credit cards (I am listed as the 2ndary user of ones he owns- don't have one of my own as of yet)✅ I've seen people mentioned affidavits may be included but is it required? I feel as though the proof above seems sufficient but if we were to need affidavits who would be best to obtain them from? Family members, friends, coworkers? Is there anything else anyone would recommend to add to the list? Not sure if applicable but I'm currently not working, so no paystubs or anything of my own. When/if I do find a job, would any kind of employment proof be necessary? I know it is more of a focus to show that the marriage is continuous and maintained and co-mingling, so I wasn't sure if my employment status mattered here. No children, we do have a pet though - and both our names are on the adoption paperwork. Thanks in advance! Also, do ROCs get their interview waivered if they had one for their conditional GC? I remember by IO telling me it may/may not be waived.
  2. Hello, I am writing for a friend and I'm not sure where to place this topic or if there's any other topic that talks about this specific issue so please feel free to transfer this to somewhere else. My friend really needs help right now. She applied for naturalization in 2020 and had her interview last June 1 2021. However the officer did not approve nor deny her application. Please see attached detailed file. Is she in danger of deportation? She is now married to another person but according to her, when she got interviewed for the removal of conditions in 2013, she was already pregnant with her first child to her 2nd husband, who she only married 2 years ago. She came here through K1 visa, got her conditional GC in 2010, applied for removal of conditions in 2012, got interviewed for removal of conditions in 2013. I dont know when they got divorced but i think she mentioned after 3 years of marriage so i think in 2013 also? Im not sure. So, will she get deported guys? What can she do on her end if she is unable to give what uscis has asked of her (evidence of marital union from 2010-2013)? Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello, I am preparing my I-751 packet. Info upfront: my husband broke up with me in Feb last year after terminating our marriage therapy, and I moved out of the house a few months later. We are still legally married, neither of us has been wanting to deal with the divorce process , we have already separated joint assets, but still use our joint bank account, have joint health insurance, file taxes jointly, and have the same PO box. As evidence I will submit: jointly filed tax returns, joint bank account statements, joint deed when we purchased our house (now its separate property), property tax bills in both our names, property insurance, joint purchases, a million utility bills in both our names, joint health insurance, photographs, social media screenshots, texts, emails, trip to Europe documentation, bills of marriage therapy, affidavits of friends. QUESTIONS: 1. Both my husband and I will add a letter of explanation as to why the marital relationship didn't work out. How much in detail does it have to be? I assume it has to have a neutral tone to it? Which is so hard as I still feel so hurt 😕 2. Our letters of explanation are different in some parts (his memory/perception is different than mine), is that an issue? For example I know his was still open to reconciliation up to a certain point but he now denies it... 3. Should I also add emails/texts of us arguing? As these are pretty private, how private does it have to be?? 4. Should I include emails to us from our marriage therapist detailing our issues (very private😟) ? 5. As for utility bills for while we still lived together: I am missing a few months here and there, is that a problem, should I explain that? 6. Are bills/account statements supposed to start with the oldest first or newest first (I am adding all for the entire duration of our marriage)? 7. Some bills (health insurance) have 10 pages each, can I leave the irrelevant pages out, even though the pages each contain a counter like 'page 1 of 10'? 8. Can I use a highlighter to mark both our names on bills so the officer has an easier time to spot them? 9. When describing photographs, does it matter if I write from third person or subjectively or a mix of both, as in "he and I at the zoo" and "Joe and Jill at the zoo"? 10. I have tons of evidence of our mailing address (PO box) be the same, does it still make sense to add copies of our drivers licenses showing that same address? 11. Is it wise to include request to have the interview waived in the cover letter or does it come across pushy? For example "Pursuant to 8 CFR §216.4(b)(1) as well as Policy Memorandum PM-602-0168 (Nov 30, 2018) and in consideration of the enclosed evidence we respectfully request that the interview requirement be waived." Thanks so much for any inputs you have ❤️
  4. Hey VJ friends! I'm just curious as to how big, in terms of number of pages, ROC applications are on average? I'm starting to prepare for mine (my filing date is in May) and it's looking like I'll need to find an extra thick envelope to fit in all the evidence 😅
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