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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. We’ve decided to let him settle in America first before we send the documents. We will also collect all the utilities paid as well as the property taxes and fees to hep bolster the case. I might drop the letter of intent as well seeing as it won’t help at all. Currently what we have is the Residential purchase, and we’re going to include all the most recent payments towards the utilities, tax, etc. Not quite sure regarding the social security or medicaire, but the State ID and Voter’s ID both seem attainable. Fortunately we have relatives in the US that would help my father get these documents. Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, I have an issue with my application. Recently I went to the interview for Immigrant Visa (IR2), and was refused due to failure to prove domicile of my father, who has been living with me in the Philippines for more than a decade. They gave me one year to create a case that shows steps on how to prove domicile. And currently our plan is to show the deed of sale of the house we’re going to be staying in. The property taxes for that house starting from 2017 which is the date of purchase. A one way airplane ticket to the Port of Entry near the house, and a notarized letter of intent to re-establish domicile. We were thinking about sending all of this to the consulate before my father leaves, or would it be better to send it after he has left for America? The other things like getting a driver’s license might not be good since he has impaired vision (an actual disability) and getting a job might be difficult since he’s earning from his business here in the Philippines, and could still earn it when he’s in America since the business is generating income from properties. Kind of worried that this might still be rejected, any input would be greatly appreciated.
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