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  1. Thanks then By any chance, do you know where i-130 and i-465 are usually processed? Thank you so much!
  2. ok lol! So can you please tell me where you read that it’s processed at NBC?
  3. what you are saying is wrong. USCIS: form i-765. Service center Potomac: 2 Months to 5 Months All other applications for employment authorization January 23, 2021 Who said it was only processed at NBC? USCIS website suggests otherwise.
  4. On the USCIS website they say that it takes 2-5 months to get the work permit. So i don’t get it…! Is that completely wrong ?
  5. Hi there, i have a question, on the USCIS website they have processing times for the different forms. i would like to know about your experience. How reliable is it ??
  6. you're talking about the i-797 notice right? We received it a few days go but it says 'Received date May 12th' so i guess it's may 12th
  7. hi, On the USCIS website they say that the processing time for my service center is between 3 and 7 months. But how should i count the months: when I sent my packet? When they received it? Orr when they sent me the notice saying that my packet was received?
  8. Hi, I currently have my AOS pending, we just got the i-797 notice of action saying that both of our i-130 and i-130a were received. I wondered, can i use these documents to update my number with the Social Security Administration?
  9. Hi there, I sent my packed about 3 weeks ago and i got a message in my phone today “USCIS: your case was received. Official receipt notice (I-797) to follow in mail. DO NOT REPLY” Do you know when my check will be cashed from here? THANKS
  10. should i notorize my birth certificate translation? what are the Pros and cons?
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