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  1. Greencard received today!! Activated visa on August 12 l
  2. Just a hunch but it’ll change this week and your passport will be sent out on Friday. You should receive it early next week
  3. As long as your medical is straightforward they will have enough time for it to be sent to the consulate. Mine was there in 3 days. If it isn’t there in time and that’s all they have to wait for, you’ll be approved as soon as they get it. Don’t sweat it
  4. My ssn was in the mailbox 8 days after I crossed. Greencard is still in la la land
  5. Passport with visa attached and welcome to the USA letter too. That’s it…
  6. Does anyone have an experience with renting a car and driving across the border? I reserved a car from Montreal to Portland Maine for Wednesday and crossing Thursday which is my 2 year wedding anniversary. Also can I cross shortly after midnight and still activate my IR1? Thanks in advance!
  7. I offered both the old and new ones and they accepted the old one and gave me back the newer one
  8. I’m pretty sure only the Canadian border agents are striking. Should not impede us customs
  9. What error did you get? Now I’m curious lol I had to leave out the last 2 numbers of my mtl case number for it to work…
  10. Instructions will be on your welcome to the United States letter when you get approved. I don’t think you can pay until after the interview
  11. I had my interview on July 21 and purolator updated this morning that my passport is out for delivery today (July 27) it seems they send passports out of Friday’s. So if your interview was last Friday you might not get your passport until next Monday or Tuesday…
  12. Sounds like how mine went. Don’t stress it like I did lol Here’s the link to check your status https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx Hopefully yours gets updated today!
  13. I think I read somewhere and might be mistaken but I thought your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after poe.
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