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  1. What’s everyone doing with their Canadian bank accounts when they leave? Are you leaving them open and paying fees? Are you closing them? Just trying to plan ahead here...
  2. I’m pretty sure you’ll check your bags as normal. Even if your connection is Toronto... if they want to see your bags in secondary, they will have them pulled but I doubt that will happen tbh
  3. As of right now there is only 4 airports in Canada accepting international flights (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal) if your husband had a flight to a different airport I suspect it would be cancelled. And starting feb 22 there will be mandatory quarantine in those 4 city’s at your expense which is roughly $2000. I would suggest flying to one of those airports before the 22nd
  4. New released restrictions for land border crossings go in effect feb 15th which means you have to get a pcr test to enter Canada. I would assume if you drove down and active your visa you’ll be on US soil and will have to obtain a test to cross back into Canada
  5. Not to give false hope but from looking at the spreadsheets historical data there has been multiple times where IL were distributed more that one day in a month. Fingers crossed this happens again
  6. I would switch you if I could. Good luck with the rescheduling and let us know how it goes! I haven’t seen it happen on here yet.
  7. If your husband filed 2020 taxes already it would be best to bring those documents with you. As for the marriage certificate I think they want original copies of that, birth certificate and criminal record check. congrats on the interview and good luck!
  8. I’m in Sault Ste. Marie and wondered the same thing since there’s only a bridge that separates the USA and Canada here. I ended up just calling them and was told that it’s a one way deal. Us Canadians can fly to the USA but they can drive here. We can’t drive to the USA or be a passenger. They will not let you cross if you aren’t essential services. Mind you that was before the new travel restrictions so I would imagine even less people are crossing now...
  9. Idk hawk rider has us that are dq in September to be expecting letters in April
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