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  1. Finally received the Green Card exactly three months to the day of me entering the US!
  2. I crossed on 2 November 2021 and I have not received the card yet either...The SSN yes
  3. Hello all!! Been a while since I posted here. I managed to cross the border into the US (Lewiston) on 2 November 2021. It was a pretty easy process at immigration although I was importing my car and a tropical bird and bringing our cat at the same time which added extra time onto my travels. I was driving down to Virginia where we are living now. Importing my Canadian car (Dodge Caravan) was very difficult process but I managed to finally get plates and Registration for it just last week! My Husband's car was also imported (a Volkswagen) I'm still working on it. As I posted before, my interview was in Montreal in August 2021 and there was an issue with our domicile. So the Husband had to go down ahead of me as well as our three dogs. Everything got sorted by end of September 2021 and I just had to sell our home in Canada and wait!! Once our home was sold I hightailed it to the border! haha. We are nicely settle now in Virginia in a great home and I just found a job starting next week. The whole immigration process was long and frustrating but it all paid off in the end. So hang in there and don't give up with God's blessing! p
  4. Hello! Yes I was denied during my Interview in Montreal because my husband who is a dual citizen USA/Canada was with me in Canada- what I provided for them regarding domicile was not accepted- he had to go to the USA and open a bank account, secure a temporary residence, I had to show proof of wiring him money as well as he was able to unbelievably get hired in a job all within a week. There was also a problem with the I-864 which I had to to resolve by obtaining another sponsor- it was alot and I was massively stressed as I did not want this temporary separation but it all worked out in the end and I'm so happy and relieved!
  5. Hello!! Went for my interview on 23 August in Montreal but was not successful at that time. My husband was still with me in Canada so he left shortly after for the US to set up our domicile. I also had to have another I-864 Support which I was able to secure this past month. I uploaded everything that was required of me for my interview and was thankfully approved this morning!!!! They indicated that they would send my passport with the Visa within 5 days. I was so stressed after the interview but it has all worked out Thank God! We sold our house here in Canada and I should be joining my husband by early November. I even shipped my three dogs weeks ago. Sorry I took so long to update as I was going crazy this past month!
  6. Yes I just tried to register too but i was not able too. Will try on Monday and check back here on VJ
  7. Nooo way!! just saw the email IL - soooo happy!! August 23 interview (DQ Oct 5) - Congrats to all that received the ILs today. It was a long wait but I'm very grateful!!!!
  8. Yes it has been quite the journey that's for sure!! Tryin tryin tryin to be positive! DQ same day as you.
  9. So very happy to see some movement with the ILs!! DQ Oct 5/20 so feeling hope today that the process is moving along!!! Such wonderful news for the Sept DQs!! Congrats to all!!!
  10. Hi all again - My RCMP Police check expires next month (I can't believe almost a year has gone by since I got the last one!). I went and got a new one done Monday last week and was surprised to receive it by Friday last week! So fast!! Now time for the interviews! Please come soon!
  11. Hello all! I check VJ everyday too hoping to see some movement for interviews in Montreal for IR1/CR1 - Like everyone, the wait since DQ has been very stressful so hopefully we will here something soon❤️ I know the husband has been very stressed was we would like to rejoin our family in the US. Best of luck to everyone!
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