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  1. Thanks! As near as we could tell, yeah, we asked a lawyer what they thought the reason was since we didn't want to mess it up (we'd done everything up until this point by ourselves) and he said he didn't think anything was missing from the packet but to just sent them over our 2022 taxes and that should do it, which it did! Seems a bit daft if you ask me given they had the previous few years, but thankfully it didn't create a huge delay.
  2. i-485 approved today! So much quicker than I was expecting, pretty shocked to be honest, but obviously delighted. Filed: January 10th RFE: January 31st (RFE for further tax information from spouse) RFE response: February 23rd Transferred to Burlington, VT office: March 24th Approval: April 5th
  3. I had my interview last Monday (26th) and the the visa was delivered to my door on the Thursday (29th), so it's super quick. Unless you live right near the hub it's probably worth it to get it delivered.
  4. Took me just over 8 weeks for it to be In Transit from NVC to the London Embassy, your mileage may vary on that based on your embassy. Didn't get any correspondence from them before that though and it was likely to have been with them several weeks before that, so the first you hear may be the In Transit notification.
  5. For reference, our K1 was approved at interview this morning, 510 days or just under 17 months after filing in early May 2021, the backlog has only increased since then so i'd presume it will at least be longer than that. One point to hang onto is once it gets out of USCIS' hands the process speeds up considerably (at least from the UK), we've gone from NOA2 to moving in around 8 weeks. Hang in there everyone!
  6. Visa approved at interview this morning, 510 days from NOA1 to approval. Hang in there everyone who's still waiting!
  7. That's pretty much how I feel about it too, if it was an ongoing issue that simply wasn't on the summary I might have mentioned it but as it isn't I think it likely makes sense to not. Particularly if mentioning it meant that they then needed more info beyond my patient care summary which could cause me issues with lack of anything recorded, but if all have access to to begin with is the patient summary and it's not on there it doesn't make sense for me to mention it and risk other problems.
  8. Hi all, Brief question before I take my medical next week. I took a few weeks off because of stress early last year during a particularly tough time with work (education sector and the pandemic hasn't been much fun, even for a non-teacher...), but it's not on my patient care summary as I was able to just take the time off as sick leave from work without bothering with a doctors note. I've not had any treatment, therapy etc for it and haven't felt the need for any more time off since, so there's nothing else to go off and it's not an ongoing thing for me. Since it wasn't treated by a doctor/isn't on patient care summary I got printed, am I better off not mentioning it at the medical? I don't know if they would class it as a mental health issue, but i'm presuming that given all they have is the patient care summary printout then mentioning it without further info to provide them anyway might cause me more of an issue because of the lack of any records? If all they have to go off is my patient care summary from my GP (since they're not NHS and presumably can't access any further medical records, even if I did have more to give them?) I don't want to inadvertently put myself in a position where they then want more detailed info from my GP that doesn't exist and I end up stuck trying to prove something I can't. Not trying to deceive anyone, just trying to navigate the process!
  9. Do we need to wait for the letter to come from the embassy to book our interview? We've got our NVC number and our case is ready at the embassy, and i've got everything together than I need to have for the interview, so I could feasibly book now, we just haven't received anything from the embassy yet...
  10. Received our email yesterday that we're in transit to London. A long 63 days since NOA2.
  11. Anyone from the UK had any luck so far from this month? We're still waiting at 55 days since NOA2...
  12. Great, thank you, that's what I thought but just wanted to double check before I booked the appointment. I'll pay for a fast-track one to ensure it arrives in advance of the interview/DS-160.
  13. Just wanted to check from people more in the know than I am, my passport expires towards the end of March next year, we hit NOA2 about 3 weeks ago so by the time i've had my medical/interview/actually move i'm likely to be cutting it fine with the required 6 months of eligibility on my current passport - there's no impediment to me getting a new passport in the time between NOA2 and the interview/filling out the DS160, right? So long as i've got my new passport number in time for the interview and take along my old passport it won't cause an issue? From older threads it seems like that's correct, but there hasn't been one in quite some time so was looking for more up-to-date info. Cheers all.
  14. I've been doing scouting around a few Facebook groups and the consensus generally seems to be it's taking about 2 months from NVC-interview if you've got your ducks in a row beforehand, obviously that may not be reflective of general trends but I very much hope it is the case. I'll be following your case with interest as a harbinger of what's to come for me in a couple of months!
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