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  1. Thanks for that! I’m a lot less panicked now! Hopefully I get a simple since answer like you both had. I’ll make sure I go to the office as soon as I can when I return!
  2. Thanks! I just was told it’s a federal crime to have two and didn’t want to get into trouble through a misunderstanding of mine… I have the job but not starting officially until October 17th so that’s good! thanks for the help
  3. Yeah, I’ve already filled my first one into my job I got…. I didn’t even think another one was coming till this one appeared. can I do the fox over the phone as I won’t be in the states till the 17th September
  4. Hi all, so I entered the states on my IR1 visa a few weeks back. I went and applied for my SSN and got everything set up while securing a job. anyway a day after I applied for my SSN I got my card in the mail, I thought it was odd then realised I checked the box on my DS-260 to get it issued on entry (completely forgot about it in the excitement and exhaustion of moving across) anyway back in the UK now finishing up my notice for my job and packing a few more things and my wife told me a second card had been delivered. how bad is this? How do I fix it? And will I get in trouble? most a total mess up on my end as I completely forgot about the DS-260 box I checked for my SSN to be assigned automatically…. what do I do? How do I rectify this situation very scared and don’t want to get in trouble thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, I know it’s probably been asked a billion times but I wanted to see what current wait times are for some folk. I entered on my IR1 a few weeks ago and just wondered what people have been waiting to get the card in the mail. my SS card came like 4 days after I entered, which amazed me and my family lol I entered through JFK. Also is there a way to track the deliver/print/process of the card? Whenever I put in the receipt number it just says “payment had been made” or something to that effect. The email has a bunch of other reference numbers but I’m really not sure what anyone of them mean. mad always thanks in advance
  6. Thanks, The website said it was a different number. so many damn numbers on one little bit of paper lol! The website says this "This is usually a series of eight numbers. In some cases it may contain one letter followed by seven numbers. The Visa number, also called a Visa Foil number, is a red number printed on the bottom right side of the document" Which I added to the fill box, so just curios if anyone had experience with this little conundrum
  7. Yes, I am aware I don't have the green card "yet" but after entering the visa stamp will function as one for a year, hence why I said "technically".............
  8. Hi all, I'll be traveling to the US on my IR-1 visa next month and the airline API section asks for either a "green card" reg number or a visa number, depending on which applies to you. My question is, do I choose visa or green card. seems like both could be technically correct but just don't want to do anything that will cause a headache at the airport, as they can be a bit strict at check in. thanks in advance!
  9. just over a week now, guess im in for the long haul... makes it difficult since my job has a 3 month notice period
  10. anyone here got any update? currently waiting after getting my medical
  11. Had my medical today, it was after my interview because I couldn’t get an appointment. I spoke to the lady working the reception and explained how everyone at the embassy along with me didn’t have their medicals yet. She sort of sighed and say yes, people are finding it really difficult to get medical appointments prior to the interview, which is causing them to be extremely busy. (She seemed stressed but was very lovely) She said the reason was because the embassy is doing things in blocks, sending out interview letters and notifications in big blocks. So seems like they get a massive influx of appointments needed at the one time, which probably can’t help! A of bunch of folk there today had already done their interview too. thought it was an interesting note from the day and might answer some questions of folk waiting for their date after seeing so many get there’s, with only a day or two difference in DQ. Ps- staff were all lovely but I was there a good 3-4 hours mostly waiting, so keep that in mind!
  12. yes sorry I should have been more clear job contract, I meant signed stating that he is currently working etc I was asked “does your wife work” to which I just said yes, she works remotely so can work on the move. As I had been previously asked when was the last time we saw each other, and I replied by saying she was in the UK for about two and a half months. That’s the extent of any questions I was asked about her job/employment.
  13. I had asked my wife for all the current taxes W2 and pay stubs for the current year as we filed with last years. Her new job wasn’t on it yet and I’ll be honest I didn’t think about it or I would have been mega stressed lol! she hadn’t been working long enough to have any pay stubs either! But no they didn’t ask to see any of the tax transcripts or pay stubs, just my birth cert marriage certificate and police certificate, and they pretty much handed them right back to me. always better to be over prepared and not need things though, so bring anything you think you might need and it’s there should they ask.
  14. Hey, I had my interview a few days ago and had a similar situation as yours. my wife and I had submitted everything under her previous job, and she had just started a new one by the time all the taxes were filled. She was only in the new job for about two weeks by the time I went for the interview. I had brought all the pay stubs and updated taxes… but I’ll be honest I never even considered I might need to show the new job! Either way, out of the massive binder of things I brought I wasn’t ever asked to show any taxes or pay stubs! Only some civil docs which were only glanced at, as the officer said “you’ve submitted everything online so I have it all here, we just need to check the original civil docs” I’d imagine showing job offer/contract that includes salary would be good enough if they asked! good luck for the interview
  15. Thanks! I tried to write it right after so I didn’t forget much! I will add though, there was a lot more people conducting non immigrant visa interviews than there was immigrant ones. There was only two people doing immigrant, I’m not sure if this is the norm or not. additionally, the checkin people at the front of the building commented on the fact I was immigrant, pointing out that there were MUCH MUCH more non immigrant applicants. Perhaps they’ve slowed it down a little to combat a backlog on the non immigrant end? Who knows, I can imagine how frustrating it is for everyone waiting! when I say the queue was around the building I mean it, and that was from both entrances… it was longer by the time I left! and awesome I’m due on the afternoon and fly back home the same day! 😥
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