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  1. My wife was working in Kuwait when we met. At that point she had 10 months left in her contract. Her first employer provided no food for her. Her second employer was abusive. So after 4 months she was on her third employer. The basically bought her. Took her passport and she had to serve 2 years with them. They seemed to be an ok couple, but her days were 630am to 10pm or later. One day off a month and in dollars she made 318 dollars a month. I tried to buy out her contract so she can go home and we could plan out our wedding. But no agreement was reached. So, It was also a long wait for her return. But the fact she did not have her passport, she could not leave. So had to wait that out also. Once she returned home to the Philippines, we eventually got married in 2018. The question was brought up what to do while waiting. After discussing to prevent any more problems, I told her to stay home and i would give her what she would have made overseas. I would choose wisely, cuz with uncertainty you could get a letter that your interview is within two months. If she can’t leave a foreign country, then it’s all for not. My wife had her interview in December and just arrived here. It’s a long process but don’t allow her to go too far cuz at some point things will move again and you need her there to be ready.
  2. I was asked to provide a background check, will look at Yale.
  3. So we set up our account today on the 10th and will wait for a schedule. Our Interview was December 9, and on December 10 our status changed from ready to issued. We are hoping to get word of a teleconference soon. Would love to spend Christmas in the US together. Let us know if there are any other documents you need to give outside of what is on the list of 13.
  4. We are looking at Japan air from Manila to Japan the American airlines to Dallas. There are two American flights out of Japan to Dallas. AA 8439 fly out in the morning from Japan and arrives 7am Dallas time. According to flight activity log, there are 4 flights a week . Over the last couple weeks no cancelations. Flight AA60 leaves Japan late afternoon and arrives around 2pm. The activity log for it, shows its a daily flight. But the last two Tuesdays it was cancelled, and once on Sunday. But again that is as of today. Hopefully nothing will change so we all can get our loved ones here.
  5. We are looking at Manila to Japan to Dallas. American Airlines being the last leg. No covid test needed. 4 hour layover. Right now cost is about 650. Still too early to buy as our interview is still two weeks out.
  6. Just to give another time frame. We were expedite approved September 25th. Did medical October 6th. Emailed the embassy October 7th. Was contacted by the Embassy on October 27th and given an interview date on December 9th. I requested an earlier date if available on November 9th. Response was no date available. They may schedule you if someone cancels sooner, but last I know they are scheduling now after December 22nd from people I've seen who just received scheduling.
  7. Yes, she said they have evaluated some residence there. Her mom, sisters and their kids. Praying they will all be safe. She's still in Manila, and they will get the brunt of this typhoon.
  8. She will fly from Manila back to Legazpi after her interview. But still need to do CFO, which will try to get done first before going back.
  9. My wife is having a hard time finding where or how to get a travel pass back to Albay after her Interview in Manila Philippines. Looking for advice on how to obtain this.
  10. Yes, she had docs in hand in Marikina by mid mornings on Monday. So three days to Marikina. When I Fedex the first set of docs to her in Legazpi it took 5 days.
  11. I just sent docs to my wife who is from Legazpi , but currently staying with family in Marikina on Friday evening. I used FedEx. Cost was 85 dollars. Arrive there today. She has doc now in hand.
  12. Has anyone gotten a response from the embassy yet? We email of completed medical on October 6, and no response yet.
  13. She said she walked. About 10 mins
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