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  1. In 2018, the US Dept of State recorded this from the Philippines: 6,317 K-1 visas (page 10 of https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/AnnualReports/FY2018AnnualReport/FY18AnnualReport - TableXVII.pdf) and 1,770 IR-1 visas and 1,613 CR-1 visas (page 4 of https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/AnnualReports/FY2018AnnualReport/FY18AnnualReport - TableVIII.pdf). So 9,700 visas with fiancée and marriage. The K-1 stuff doesn't concern me, so I was just calculating the CR-1, so ~1,600. Your estimate of 24,000 seems way too high. The PSA doesn't have last year's data out yet, but they list the number of marriages between Filipina brides and American grooms. Not everyone files for a petition for his spouse, so I would think that under 2,000 CR-1 petitions are filed every year in Manila. 2017 Filipina brides and American grooms (3,168) Filipino grooms and Americans {I am assuming this means American women but maybe "Americans" means both men and women?}(162) 2016 Filipina brides and American grooms (3,081) Filipino grooms and Americans (279) 2015 Filipina brides and American grooms (3,072) https://psa.gov.ph/tags/marriage-statistics
  2. Yes, VJ is a do-it-yourself website that has a lot of great information. How many people apply from the Philippines? Maybe 1,600? (This website said there were 236,526 immigrant visas granted for immediate relatives to the USA last year, so I estimated that 150 countries could apply for a visa so 236,526/150= ~1,600 https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Statistics/AnnualReports/FY2018AnnualReport/FY18AnnualReport - TableI.pdf) How many of those want to do it themselves versus hiring an attorney/visa service company? I looked on VJ's CR-1 / IR -1 Visa Timeline Statistics, and they listed 56 applicants from the Philippines last year. How many of the 56 members had enough income that they didn't need assets? I'm guessing that the majority did have enough income. That still leaves over 1,500 other non-VJ members to have different stories. The two visa services that I emailed said they had clients who filed in Manila and used a combination of the two. VJ doesn't have information on all the applicants. It's a great forum though.
  3. Yes, the K-1 is a little different. And it depends on the officer. I found this in the forums. My sister was my co-sponsor for the K1 visa since I had no income for how many years (fresh grad). Last week my fiance had her interview at USEM and the CO never asked us for the affidavit of support, but before we were called to the window I heard another CO asking to see the I-134. I'm guessing it really depends on the CO. Just be prepared even though a lot of people have not been asked for the evidence of support. Edited November 5, 2017 by oatlidorison
  4. Thanks Hank. Any more details about why they weren't allowed assets (size of family too big, income shortfall too great)? Do you think different people are getting different COs? One CO allows it but another does not? I had that guy from Cebu tell me "We have had many clients use a combination of the two." (Do you think they really had enough income but added on the assets to make it seem like they had more money?) Another visa company sent me this: "I have at least 30 clients last year that used income and assets. This is Manila Embassy of course." How can there be different experiences at the same location? The guy from the visa company in the States said 30 clients had less than $20,000 and used assets to cover the difference. You'd think that if you made $19,000 in a year and were ~$2,000 short, that $10,000 in the bank would get the approval.
  5. I'm not saying your experience is wrong. I am just collecting information and have asked three sources what their experience has been like.
  6. Yes, I asked on the "Living in Cebu" forums and Shadow gave that reply. We'll see what happens next year. Hank says one thing and two visa services have said something else. You would think that the embassy would use a combination of income and assets like it says in the USCIS guidelines. But this is the government, so I can't assume that they actually use their brain to think.
  7. That's what I'm doing. Make sure you have enough money to survive if you don't have monthly income. And make sure you have enough for a flight, visa, and all the CR1 fees. Some can survive on $500 a month. Some more, some less.
  8. I'll try the combination of income and assets. I found a mom and pop visa service in the States and emailed them. They replied "I have at least 30 clients last year that used income and assets. This is Manila Embassy of course. I do this Every day for the last 33 years I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about". So hopefully it will work out.
  9. Let's say I get a co-sponsor. If my co-sponsor only has assets and no income, would the CO accept that? Just wondering what happened with the cases that you know about. Thanks!
  10. Interesting. So it seems like for the I-864EZ, they wouldn't allow assets and for the I-864, they allowed them? Maybe they changed the rules and stopped that a while back. I know that what the government agency says isn't always what it does. I emailed Manila's IVreplies and I'll see if they respond to my email.
  11. What was their reply? What did the old instruction letter say?
  12. I messaged him and he did the K-1 fiance visa. He said in Manila, they had his 2 previous tax returns, but did not ask any questions about his current income. He was making $0 that year, but he did have a large amount on the 2 previous returns. They were married and then had another interview and were not asked about financials. They did get an RFE on that last interview but he doesn't think it was for income.
  13. "Chris Duffy posted on July 7, 2018: My fiancé was from PHilippines - I used assets, House and cars. Approved with no RFE's." I'm pretty sure his income was high enough and that the assets were not even taken into consideration? Is that how you read it?
  14. Yes, I was talking about before arriving in the US. I am living in the Philippines with my wife and will stay here until the final interview. I'm thinking about the I-864 and Affidavit of Support. At the NVC stage, I'll probably get a notice saying my income is lower than expected, but the embassy will have the final say. Just for clarification Hank, what was denial for? Was it a combination of assets and income or were the people trying to only use assets?
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