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  1. To the OP: "a typical American-Filipina K-1 relationship" - I disagree. I would say this relationship is atypical. Here's where Ed's trust is required. The girl refuses to talk about her past relationships and so Ed requires a test that will not lie or will not be silent. It will reveal things that she refuses to discuss. What if she has HIV? Would Ed want to know that before or after marriage? To John: He didn't understand how much she was taking out of his wallet. He was already on edge about money because the sister was hitting him up for pesos. He wanted her to slow down and help him understand how much each item was. To Loren Y: Did you actually watch the episodes? He said he would get an STD test in the States. He didn't trust the medical facilities (cleanliness, needles, etc) in the Philippines. To boris64: It will work out. The man is desperate for a relationship. He wears his heart on his sleeve. To: 2018JNJ : Where did you come up with the "performer" title? A tattoo means that she's a "performer"? All Filipina women with tattoos are "performers"? Get real.
  2. Did you read the guide at the top of the page for a IR-1/CR-1 spouse visa? Yes, you can print pictures on normal printer paper and add captions.
  3. Of course it's "possible", but for a nearly 30 year old and beautiful woman to have 1 partner isn't common -- at least in the States (unless they get married to that person) I guess it depends on who you grow up around. If you have looser morals than someone with a more moral, traditional upbringing, then your expectations of others is based upon your own experiences. Yes, there are beautiful women who are virgins in their 20s and 30s in every country (and there are a much higher number who aren't either of those two). There could be many reasons based on personal choice, fear of disease, morals, religion, etc. The Philippines is not the most moral country in this regard because the latest data from the Philippines Statistical Authority shows that 52% of babies are born out of wedlock. However, they do not track promiscuity. Neither does the States. If you're surprised by her count, she may be surprised by yours. The main point is to spend some time with this lady to vet her. It may take 2 or more trips.
  4. Do you have to travel to the embassy within the next month? The embassy workers will still be doing their job. By looking at your timeline, you're in the waiting stage right now.
  5. use the top right search bar to search for marijuana there are dozens of threads
  6. Have you searched this forum for this situation? There are dozens more like it. Most get through although the US does define a drug addiction as a 1 time use.
  7. Is your father applying for you brother via the I-130 form? Please fill in your timeline. Well, your father did meet the income requirements but NVC must have given a reason why they weren't approving it. I thought the consular officer has the final say?
  8. Yes, I have. I have been to hospitals in the States and the Philippines. I don't see how being admitted to hospitals relates to the fact about the number of deaths and confirmed cases. My challenge still stands.
  9. Where did you come up with that? Nobody has never been claimed. There have been confirmed cases in the Philippines and at least 1 death (a Chinese man from Wuhan flew to the Philippines and died there).
  10. What makes you think that the US has correctly and completely identified any and all of their Coronavirus cases? You can't. You can only look at the facts about what has been reported so far. You can turn a blind eye to the facts, but then that's on you. It doesn't matter where you recover. There is no vaccine. It's either that your immune system can fight or it it can't. If the virus gets inside of you, it doesn't matter what country or hospital you're in. There is no cure right now. Please update this thread again when the Philippines has more cases and more deaths than the US.
  11. It's safer in the Philippines compared to the US. Less deaths and less people have it.
  12. It's a good post, but why did you title this "trophy wife"? It's a young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man. It's usually not used in a nice way. One of the two parties is being looked down on.
  13. On the top of this website is a banner that is blue. Click on the Guides link and you can see what you need to do for the K1 or the spousal visa. K1 is more expensive in the long run but it takes a shorter time to process. I think the spousal visa is the better option.
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