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  1. I logged and created accounted . I have chosen a date. The only thing it didnt show the appointment date from nvc. Just option chose a date . They sent me a confirmation email
  2. So my new appointment through ustraveldocs.com is valid regardless the first appointment date that sent me by nvc to attend the embassy
  3. I opened account at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ in order to rescheduled my interview appointment for next month. They gave a new appointment but it didnt show the first appointment from nvc. They system didnt reveal that i have appointment from nvc. What should i do in this case?
  4. Hi suzie. I did created a user name and followed the steps on ustraveldocs.com i had a new interview date but it didnt show me the intial interview date from nvc. Like the intial date from nvc doesnt exist . How to make sure that they reschedule to the second interview date?
  5. I am trying to see how to do rescheduling.
  6. What is the fastest way to reschedule the interview. They gave me this link nvc.state.gov/ pre alot of info. Can i call directly?
  7. In 2 weeks ban expired 5 months a head
  8. You think it better to reschedule than attending ?
  9. Important: If you have already been interviewed or scheduled for a visa appointment by the National Visa Center or by the Embassy, please DO NOT schedule a new visa appointmen
  10. It said that first interview must attend
  11. Hi guys. I have just recieved my consulate interview date. My 10 yrs immigratrion bar will expire few months after the interview date . What should i should so in my case ? I couldnt change my appointment date.
  12. Hello guys, I am submitting my civil documents including affidavit of support I 864 . Currently my application is based on taxes for joint sponsor for 2019. He wont do taxes for 2020 until april. My question: should i go head a send the application ( mine by mail) for the year 2019 , or wait until he does the 2020 taxes?
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