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  1. Hello guys, i am helping a friend in his case. They asked him to provide a concrete steps to proof that his petitioner will establish domicile before immigrant admission to the states. His petitioner provided a copy of lease and electricity bill they said not enough. Please can you provide any suggestions to prove domicile?
  2. To be clear his primary sponsor has to do i 864 too and i 864 for his financial sponsor. Thats what they meant a complete i 864
  3. His mom not working so he did i 864 another sponsor
  4. He did that . Does he have to do another i 864 for his mom
  5. Hello guys, my friend did an interview in the embassy. He had a sponsor and completed I-864 since his mom the (petitioner ) doest work . They requested two things : a complete I 864 and a letter of explanation why petitioner didnt file taxes. What do they mean by completed I- 864 and what a letter of explanation should include?
  6. Hello guys. For I-864 Affidavit of support. My sponsor filed income taxes 110 k last year. He has already sponsored a family of 4 (husband , wife and 2 kids) last year. My question how do i know if he is able to sponsor me.
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