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  1. Has anyone had any errors with their information at NVC? I have 2 issues right now. 1. My husband's CEAC profile has the wrong country listed. He was born in one country (which is the one listed on his NVC profile), but moved as a child and is now a citizen and resident of New Zealand. Our application contained only NZ information/addresses/passport. I called the NVC to have them update it and had to submit a public enquiry form with proof (which was already part of the I-130) to show that we need to have the interview in NZ. 2. NVC said when they update his information we'll get a new case number, as they're based off the countries/consulates. When they were trying to explain how the wrong country may have happened they quoted a previous US address I was using as their contact address. I've since updated it with the USCIS and have received mail from the USCIS to this new address. So I'm not sure why the NVC is now trying to use the old address. Is anyone experiencing anything similar? What did you do to solve it?
  2. I submitted all of our documents this morning too. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Called NVC today. They said it must have been an oversight by the person who was filling in our information. And the person I spoke to can't change it. I had to submit a public enquiry explaining the issue with proof of his NZ citizenship and NZ residency. They'll update the file when they get to the email. I sent it today. NVC is working on emails from mid-February. Just frustrating because all of our application information is NZ, and all of our supporting documents for the I-130 were NZ. I don't understand how they can miss the right country. Really hoping this doesn't slow things down.
  4. Yes NZ is on our forms. He was born in another country and that’s the country/embassy they have listed. However, he’s a NZ citizen and currently residing in NZ. Been in NZ for 20+ years.
  5. We just got our first email from the NVC. I've logged in and paid the fees. However the country and embassy listed are the wrong ones and not New Zealand! Has anyone else had this issue? Going to call NVC tomorrow and try to sort this out. I've also filed the NZ police certificate form. Hope to be able to finish our next round of forms soon.
  6. For anyone that’s been approved - how long did it take for you to get your new case number from NVC?
  7. Got our I-130 approved today! Onwards to the NVC portion. Did you all wait for the NVC case reference number before applying for the police certificate?
  8. Went actively reviewing again (NOA2) today and got an approval letter in our documents!!
  9. I have no idea about how easy it is to transfer so can't answer. But I am interested if other people know of applicants who have transferred embassies.
  10. Did you check your online account to see where your application is?
  11. I filed April 2021 for spouse (New Zealand citizen) to the Texas dropbox. Our applicaion was originally in Nebraska, but was sent to Texas. Got a notice of active review October 14 and nothing since then.
  12. How long did it take everyone for the first USCIS step? I looked at the google document but it seems like it's only recorded information once people had progressed to NVC
  13. This was an immigration lawyer in Auckland and they have a sister firm in the US. Supposedly they've done cases like ours before and they seemed to think it was enough evidence to prove domicile and/or intent to return.
  14. @Sammy.NZ Thanks for the response earlier. As to this comment, my husband and I are in the same boat. I'm a US citizen. He's a NZ citizen. We had talked with an immigration lawyer and they said if I have ties to the US, like bank accounts, voted in elections etc, then it should be enough to prove domicile and intent to return. We're debating it that will be enough for the I-864 requirements as it seems that every time they request further information it delays the process even more.
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