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  1. Hi every one. I filed for adjustment of status 429 days ago, July 2020 (family based, marriage). My case status is still showing as case is ready to be scheduled for interview since January. I’ve called uscis a few times and they said that it’s outside the window so they’ll put in a request for me. 30 days have passed since the request and no reply. I recalled uscis and they put in another request but still no reply. What to do? I filed in NJ but moved to PA since May. In august I called uscis and they said my case paper work is in Missouri….I’m so confused. Everyone in the July2020 adjustment of status filers group has had their interview and received their greencard. Can someone help me?
  2. Don't worry too much. I had the same issue. You need to call them and let them know that your case is outside the normal window. They'll put in a request and you will get a status update within 30 days (mine changed in like 10 days). They'll schedule your biometrics (if you havent done it as yet) and they will try to resolve the i-765 as quickly as possible as well.
  3. Is it mandatory to bring copies of all the forms I submitted (I-130, I-485 etc) to the interview? I made copies but think they got shredded on accident.
  4. Question, when the EAD is mailed out, do they provide a tracking number? I just want to ensure that it comes to my new address and not my old one.
  5. I inquired about the status of my application and he told me that it was still under review but he would put in a service request for me because it was taking too long (Filed July 17, Biometrics Jan 8). He did note that after filing the request it was highly likely that they would approve the EAD card in the coming days (which they did after about 7 days) but it could take up to 30 days.
  6. When the EAD card is approved and mailed, do you get a USPS tracking number? I recently switched address and would like to track if it’s going to the correct address.
  7. New card being produced today! I had called them of Wednesday and complained that is was taking too long and they put in a request for me..not sure if that’s why—thankful nonetheless. How long does it take to arrive after it says “card is being produced” ?
  8. Bummer. Day 59 for me. Do let me know when yours change again 😊
  9. Hi! What’s the approximate time wait between “case was updated to show fingerprints were taken” and getting the EAD?
  10. I moved from New Jersey to Texas last August, updated my address and got a confirmation. However my biometrics appointment was sent to the old New Jersey address in January—USCIS didn’t updates on the website that they had sent biometrics letter but luckily someone at my old address contacted me that I had received mail. I had to fly back to New Jersey for the appointment. Currently, it says my I-485 is ready to be scheduled for interview and that my I-765 fingerprints was received. My concern is that I don’t know if if my interview letter and EAD will get sent to the old address and if it does I’m not sure how lucky I will be this time to even get the letter if it does get sent there. Any tips as to what I can do? I tried calling USCIS to speak to a live agent but everything automated.
  11. I'm in the same boat as u. Did your i765 ever got updated or just the i485?
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