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  1. Took me 89 days from entry beginning of Nov on ir1. Hope you hear from them soon
  2. NY. Ny- atlanta will be a domestic glight. You will also pick up luggage and clear customs in NY. Then check in again.
  3. I would not woory about the bit of visa availability bit - that is for categories subject to caps
  4. The london consular page has rescheduling instructions down belos. I notice it has been edited and emailing bit is removed https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/LND-London.html If you are unable to attend your appointment, please go to ais.usvisa-info.com/en-gb/iv to select a new appointment date after the date of your NVC scheduled interview has passed. There may be a significant wait before the next available appointment, so please attempt to attend the date already assigned. For some family-based and employment preference visa categories, a visa became available within the month you have been scheduled by NVC. DV applicants should be aware that visas are numerically limited and must be issued by September 30 of the program year. There is no guarantee that a visa will still be available on the date of your rescheduled interview. Please carefully consult the Visa Bulletin before you decide to reschedule your interview. Please note: You need to register your original NVC/KCC appointment online before you can reschedule it. Rescheduling is only possible on a date after your assigned appointment.
  5. They ask you to email them that you are going to miss your date. Then you have to wait until after your allocated date. Then you go to interview confirmation website and click on I missed my interview. The system then allows you to see available slots.
  6. Passport will be delivered tomorrow. 2 days after interview - not bad at all. Really hope appointment allocation bottleneck is cleared for everyone - good luck everybody.
  7. Thank you, I hope you get your visa sorted out soon and you are not apart too long! Best of luck and keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  8. Thank you! Just answered the question on another thread 🙂 no, nothing even remotely close
  9. Well, as I promised yesterday - it all went fine. Approved. A couple of questions about family, my travel did not come up, nothing in the form was amended - no need. yippee Good luck
  10. Well I was the one behind you 🙂 . approved. how did i meet my husband, what does he do, where are we moving to - short and sweet. Negotiating the construction site around and getting a bit lost was much more stressful
  11. Thank you! Fingers crossed. We are in the same boat, it is a long wait. This thread and people on it have helped me a lot. Hope things will get easier for everyone. p.s. My lawyer before the trip advised not to go crazy with my luggage - it helps if you are not seen as moving all you worldly possessions. With a sigh I packed lightly, but what an excuse to skip bringing presents to all and sundry
  12. No I did not update online, would recommend you not to do it as it will only cross wires. Tell them at interview if they ask when you last saw him, do not be worried, your visit does not invalidate your form, (I checked before travel and my lawyer assured me). If you are still worried, talk to your lawyer, but my experience was reassuring. I'll post tomorrow if it comes up tomorrow at interview, ok?
  13. These documents were enough for me, yes. You do not need to submit anything after your return, just abide by esta max stay rule and no, you do not intend to immigrate on that trip , you are on family visit. If you are worried you can get a letter from immigration lawyer describing your situation and that you are waiting for interview date and will return for it. If you have past travel and it shows you have never overstayed it helps . I had a letter, but I never had to show it.
  14. Esta is cancelled on the day of travel and then re-instated by airline employee after consulting with us homeland security rep at the uk airport. Allow extra time as he or she are often busy. Just make sure you can demonstate you are married to us person and it is a family visit
  15. I traveled to the us after being dq - no problem at all as long as you are immediate relative and are on a family visit as opposed to coming for a holiday. And that is verified by airline employee in the uk. On the border there were no questions.
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