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  1. @AAli313, I am in your same situation. What happened to your case? Can you please share. What was the outcome? Thank you.
  2. @geowrian @jan22 great explanation from both of you. I understand the perspective of a CO or how the USCIS would see my case. Thanks much.
  3. @geowrian I understand the point you are making. And I can totally see the angle. Since the i130 approval time for LPR is horrible, will that be considered when a CO is looking at it? Will this be based on CO discretion or is there a USCIS policy that for outstanding I130 petition NIV cannot be issued? @jan22 I am targeting this process after 5-4 months. Hopefully the ban is lifted which there is no guarantee. If things turn out favorable that way.. Will CO approval be still tight in my case?
  4. @Deagle Hello, Am in the same situation. Do you mind sharing the field office your friend went to for the process? and also did he use an attorney for the process? I wanna give it a shot but debating do it myself or do it with an attorney?
  5. @Boiler Got you. She has a great GRE score and her resume is also pretty good with good academic as well as professional experience. I highly believe she can get into a good university. Hopefully things work out. We will definitely give a shot. Thanks again for giving me some encouragement 🙂 We are gonna see if any top schools accept her profile if not we will give a shot with tourist visa which prolly might get rejected. But I think I will sleep better by trying and failing rather than not trying.
  6. @arken Thanks my friend, I appreciate your kind words. We will give it a shot and see where fate takes us. 🙂
  7. @SusieQQQ ok I understand what you are saying now. And thanks for your comments appreciate it. I was assuming you guys were giving me advice about doing an AOS. I now understand that you were telling me since an AOS is possible there is ahigh chance we will get rejected. Thanks again for your opinions and comments.
  8. @SusieQQQ You keep saying I can do AOS. How is that possible when my spouse is out of USA. My whole intent is to bring her here possibly on a student visa or tourist visa if possible. isnt that obvious from there that she is currently out of USA?!!! and she can only do consular processing?! as Boiler mentioned above AOS can be possible if she is here during B1 or F1 time frame if our case is approved.
  9. @boiler Ah I get what you saying. If all stars align and if her i130 approval comes around when she is in the states, then I can file AOS. Thats a valid point. only after her first 90 days here i guess. Might be a tight window. All the stars need to allign for sure lol. But hey thanks much, you opened another thought process for me. I appreciate it. 🙂
  10. @Boiler Thanks for the reply. Yeah 4 of the schools that she wanna pursue with is kinda close by, not ideal but do -able.. We are looking into it. Thanks for your suggestion on tourist visa. We were thinking try student visa first and then try tourist visa. I don't know if getting rejected for student visa will pretty much make put her tourist visa under scrutiny. I suppose there will be somewhere in the form that says have you ever applied any other visa before and asking for details. If that's the case We will try tourist visa first. We are still confused about it and researching whats the best. About AOS, isn't AOS only possible when the person is USA? Since she is outside she has to do consular processing, AOS is not possible I guess. That's what i understand when I read from USCIS website. Please correct me if am wrong and tell me the process. Thanks again for your reply and your opinion, appreciate it.
  11. @SusieQQQ What you say about the admission deadline date is one of the roadblocks we are facing. Most of the top school deadlines are over. I need to figure out how to maneuver around it, like finding a school. About the time line I filed i130 recently and me being LPR, the processing time is at least 9 months plus and then the time with NVC processing... I am looking at at least 15 months. But if I can find something for fall admission then it might work better. If you think Student visa is pretty tight. what are the chances of visitor visa in your opinion? @Boiler I understand these are non immigrant visas but due to long processing times for F2A category, I was trying to see if there is anyway my wife can visit me. Off course legally. She does wanna pursue some higher education here. I think it will help her get a great job and also make some new friends and socialize a bit. I understand there is standing petition just trying to see if a visitor visa or student visa can be considered. @geowrian @SusieQQQ my spouse is out of USA. So AOS is not possible for. She has to go through consular processing for which she needs i130 approval which is a long process for f2a category. I dont think I can do concurrent filing for consular processing. It is only possible for AOS from my understanding. Correct me if am wrong. @arken SHe can basically tell what ever she has put down in her essay for the school. Most of the grad schools require the candidate to tell why she wants to pursue the course in an essay form. And as I said she is a data science IT project Engineer. She handles the account of one of the iconic US apparel company. Their account is handled offshore and she is one of the senior engineers in that. I think if she tells her background and tell her future plans to work in the data field and be transparent that she does have an existing i130 it should be fine. But the CO can reject or accept. That is 50 50. @Pinkrlion I understand what you are saying. We are not trying to cheat to extend her stay and break any rules. Just trying to see if she can come here on either of these options. To all, I am not here to argue with anyone. I am just posing a question and see if this is a feasible option. Getting approved or rejected, I will leave that to god and fate. Please dont discourage me. Rather please tell me if this is an option that we can proceed and see if we get lucky or not. I hope someone who has gone through such a process would comment here. Thanks all for commenting and having a conversation. I appreciate it. 🙂
  12. @SusieQQQ for student visa, the course that she is aiming for is a 2 year course. Within that time frame hopefully I130 gets approved and then status adjustment can be done from F1 to green card may be? Am trying to see if the case officer will see this perspective or is the general attitude to see all the cases as trying to break the law. I am very new to this. Trying to see what the experiences people have had here. Her student visa will only have a good chance only if she gets into real good university! Otherwise I don’t see the case officer favoring someone getting into an average university. Thanks again for your question and it makes me think more and more and get more perspective. For the tourist visa If she doesn’t get into a top university, I think she would be able to get a sabbatical and show getting back to work after 4-5 months. She can get a company letter about it. Her company is a descent IT sector company famous around the world, so the legitimacy of that won’t be a question if feel. Also she can show her lease and loan commitments that she shares with her mom... will that make a descent proof?
  13. @unlockable Thanks for your input. I am confused which one to go for. My mind is inclined towards student visa. My spouse is a data science Engineer in India and she would like to pursue higher studies in a reputed school in US and I think that will help her get a better job and in turn be useful for US in developing stuff, will the case officer see it from that angle? One problem is she already has Masters in computer applications not her job field. She wants to pursue masters in data science('big data' courses mainly which is hot right now) . SHe has been data engineer for 6 years now and wants to better her craft basically. Tourist visa.......... in this pandemic situation.... I am not sure about it. But still is there any links or posts that you have commented or something in the site to forward me here. I would like to read peoples experiences. Thanks again, appreciate your time. Regards, J
  14. @ontarkie @nieckers I had called them and asked them. They said they could not find my registration and send me status information letter as I mentioned in post. Now I did check the box for selective service when I applied for drivers license but secretary of state office said they are helpless here as this could have been a clerical mistake. but they are not willing to give me an acknowledgement about the same. They said at this point only thing you can do is just get the status information letter and plead your innocence, @neickers what was your end result? Were you successful? or were you lucky to find you were registered automatically. @ontarkie you seem to be very strong that I cant apply. But there are cases where people applied and proved their innocence. Again in my case I didn't know. If I had known I wouldn't have missed it. I am trying to plead my innocence. Anything you can help to make my case file or profile will be appreciated rather than discouraging me, thank you.
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