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  1. Thanks for the reply. I didn't even get any update on my biometric, that's what making me disappointed. If i had got some update on biometric I would have shut up and waited and not stressed about it. My estimated waiting time now says longer than expected(was supposed to be Jan). I did file mine through an attorney though so am starting to wonder if that's what's causing the delay.
  2. Applied in July. PD is August 04. Havent heard anything at all! I saw someone above who applied on Sept 10 getting an interview. Wondering why mine is getting delayed? Anyone else here with August time frame waiting? I didnt even get a biometric reuse or biometric notification... Thats kinda disappointing!
  3. Hello all, I am a green card holder and I have filed I130 for my spouse and the process is going on to bring her here through family based immigration as my dependent. While this process is going on can she apply for tourist visa or student visa with full disclosure of her pending I130? ANy one here who went that route and had any luck? Please share your experience and any advice or tips? Thanks in advance. Regards, J
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