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  1. Can you please send me the link as well? I am trying to move my wife's interview from islamabad to abu dhabi
  2. Hi folks, my case is at the USCIS stage, waiting for i-130 approval. Beneficiary’s country is Pakistan and after finding out about the wait times at Islamabad, i want to change the interview location to Abu Dhabi. Beneficiary has a valid employment visa for Abu Dhabi and also has the Emirate ID, currently she is staying in Pakistan though. I want to know if it is possible to switch the embassy after i-130 approval and when the case is at NVC stage?
  3. I called them today. They said my case is at Vermont Service Center, even though the receipt letter came from Texas Serv Center.
  4. I did everything online on April 5th 2022 and since April 6th the case status says ‘Case is being actively reviewed by USCIS’. I read on different forums that a lot of people dont get this message until a few months after submitting the i-130. Anyone here has any input on this? May be someone had the same experience?
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