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  1. Packet sent, received and acknowledged by USICS. We're go for the August forum!
  2. Yeah I think it had to do with Taiwan and how they handled COVID. We had the same delays as everyone else at USCIS but with no delays at the embassy we really got lucky.
  3. Thanks! Our application was received April 16, 2020 and the interview concluded March 25, 2021 so 11 months.
  4. @jagsfl Congratulations! glad it all worked out. they gave us no indication of trouble so I'm going to take that as a good sign 🤞
  5. @jagsfl do you have any progress on your visa? my fiance had her interview and was approved yesterday. They told her she should have her visa next week assuming all goes well. I'm wondering if they told you fiance at the interview or sometime after.
  6. Just had our interview this morning and she was APPROVED!!! Should have visa and passport returned next week.
  7. We're at the medical exam and interview stage. It's moving slowly for us because my fiance works everyday 8-8 and only has 2 day off a month. Working them into the schedule has been troublesome but we have our interview scheduled for 3/14!
  8. NVC sent me an email that they will be sending my case to embassy. DS-160 is filled out but not submitted so from their perspective it doesn't exist yet. My fiance and I work shopped through the questions to get our answers ready.
  9. In the pdf in the first post it walks through how to figure it out if you know the date of when NVC says they sent or are sending you info to the embassy.
  10. I also got a notification for transit to the embassy today. I checked DHL and have a tracking number as well.
  11. We haven't reached the interview stage yet but we may face the same issue. Her birth certificate should have a 4 part name but it only has 3 with the 2 middle joined together. Luckily it matches everywhere but when I met her she hard started the process to fix it. I recommended she stop while we go through the K1 process. Also since birth certificates in Indonesia only specify a name and not the westernized break down, it has made paperwork pretty interesting. With a 4 part name and going through life being called by either the first or the fourth, she had some confusion initially as to what name to put in what field. Names in Indonesia are fun it seems.
  12. Ok don't start with the police department to get a police report. I'm not sure what advice to give if that's not generic enough or what you consider generic. Especially when I clarified not being able to speak to Canada specifically. By the way, I got my information about Indonesian police reports from a Canadian police website so before you start warning people maybe you should try the advice first.
  13. Start at the website of your local police department. They may have a link to retrieve a criminal background check. If nothing is there then move up to the next rank in law enforcement. Or you an try calling them, though not on the emergency line. It's a more common request than you might think it is. Not just used for immigration. I can't speak to how it works in Canada but my fiance was able to apply online then pick hers up at the station after 2 days in Taiwan. The paper she received will go with her to the interview.
  14. I also got my case and invoice numbers via calling. They already had my email address on file so I didn't need to use the Ask NVC form. Now just waiting for it to get sent to the embassy.
  15. Good to know. I got mine on the 14th and I was set to make my first call tomorrow. Guess I'll be waiting a little longer then.
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