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  1. unfortunately nothing makes anyone special with USCIS .... The OR in this case is inclusive for the requirements to clarify that states may have multiple USCIS districts.
  2. If you change your name you will need the passport style photos at the interview. Otherwise they will send you out to get them the same day. I got 2 copies of the same set done- One I gave to the Officer during the interview and they actually glued it to my Naturalization certificate - The other set I used for the passport.
  3. candybabe


    I was placed Case in Line on April 12 - My Interview was scheduled 9/11 for 10/18.....So 5 months to be scheduled, 6 months till interview. My entire journey was beginning of March ( application filed ) to Mid November ( oath taken) = 8.5 months
  4. candybabe

    Not sure if Im eligible now

    Did you obtain a waiver for the 6 months trip ? Did you maintain strong connections with the US ( house, bank account, tax returns, loans, credit cards, ) See the link : https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartD-Chapter3.html C. Breaks in Continuous Residence An applicant for naturalization has the burden of establishing that he or she has complied with the continuous residence requirement, if applicable. There are two types of absences from the United States that are automatically presumed to break the continuity of residence for purposes of naturalization. [9] See INA 316(b). •Absences of more than 6 months but less than one year; and •Absences of one year or more. An officer may also review whether an applicant with multiple absences of less than 6 months will be able to satisfy the continuous residence and physical presence requirements. In some cases, an applicant may not be able to establish that his or her principal actual dwelling place is in the United States or establish residence within the United States for the statutorily required period of time. [10] See 8 CFR 316.5(a). See Chapter 3, Continuous Residence, Section A, Continuous Residence Requirements [12 USCIS-PM D.3(A)]. 1. Absence of More than Six Months (but Less than One Year) An absence of more than six months [more than 181 days but less than one year (less than 365 days)] during the period for which continuous residence is required is presumed to break the continuity of such residence. This includes any absence that takes place prior to filing the naturalization application or between filing and the applicant’s admission to citizenship. [11] See INA 336 (hearings on denials of applications for naturalization). An applicant’s intent is not relevant in determining the location of his or her residence. The period of absence from the United States is the defining factor in determining whether the applicant is presumed to have disrupted his or her residence. An applicant may overcome the presumption of loss of his or her continuity of residence by providing evidence to establish that the applicant did not disrupt his or her residence. The evidence may include, but is not limited to, documentation that during the absence: [12] See 8 CFR 316.5(c)(1)(i). •The applicant did not terminate his or her employment in the United States or obtain employment while abroad. •The applicant’s immediate family remained in the United States. •The applicant retained full access to his or her United States abode.
  5. Due to the longer than usual timeframe , her fingerprints expired so she has to go back in to get a new pair taken. They usually expire after 6 months - 1 year.... Considering it has been so long since you applied, I would suggest contacting the Congressman for your district to inquire with USCIS- They have dedicated avenues for this. It will not speed up the process but it will get USCIS back into looking at your case and communicating a clear status. it may also be a good sign meaning they will start working on it and since it is out of timeline , she may get her interview scheduled in January.
  6. candybabe

    Name Change Question

    You will need to register your marriage in Russia first for it to be recognized - https://www.angloinfo.com/how-to/russia/family/marriage-partnerships/registering-a-marriage This will involve certified copies with the Hague Apostille ( the golden seal) of your marriage certificate also legalized by the Russian consulate in the US - "In view of the above, it is advised that the corporate documents intended for use in Russia must be certified as to proper legalization at the consular offices of the Russian Federation."http://www.russianembassy.org/page/legalization You can get the Hague Apostille by sending certified copies of your marriage certificate to the Department of State office in the capital of Michigan - They are usually very good at returning it fast - Or if you live close by you can do a walk in. And it is relatively cheap. http://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1638_8734---,00.html Once you have those - you can then translate and notarize into Russian and either : - send to the Russian Embassy / Consulate and have them legalize them and coordinate the transcribing or - hire a lawyer if you want it done before you go visit there or - when you visit using the Russian passport , take them to the local civil registry office - In Moscow there is only one branch of the civil registry office, ZAGS (Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya / ) where all marriages of Russian and foreign citizens can be registered: https://www.mos.ru/zags/function/dvorcybrakosochetaniya/dvorec-brakosochetaniya-4/ ZAGS At: 4th Wedding Palace, ul. Butyrskaya 17, Moscow, 127015 Tel: (495) 685 19 60 Opening times are Tuesday to Saturday, 09.00-13.30 and 15.00-17.30. It is closed Sunday and Monday, and also on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Russia would then recognize the marriage and she will be able to use the new name. I am not an immigration specialist / lawyer.
  7. Each district is served by different local offices where you would be interviewed - If you cannot show residence within that district they cannot interview you. They will reject you based on residency ineligibility.
  8. California has FOUR different USCIS districts so you have to be a resident in that specific district for 3 months BEFORE you can file. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/nativedocuments/domestic_map.pdf
  9. the main goal is that she is able to show that you received your citizenship legally - since you are petitioning for her. what I have seen on here were instances where the person interviewed was asked for proof that related to the petitioner's immigration journey - a parent had to obtain proof that the child that had brought him ( the parent to the US) had worked for the company that initially sponsored him.... so the best way would be for her to also know your full immigration timeline so that when they ask questions she can answer them clearly .
  10. US Citizens can be prosecuted for immigration fraud - if you lie under oath YOU can go to prison....I would suggest you NEVER lie when under Oath or in any government papers ( forms etc)
  11. What kind of twisted advice is that ???? If she reports him, then he will have to live with the potential threat of being deported for the rest of his life ??? And she will be responsible for his anguish forever ? What kind of family advises that ?!?!?!? If you decide your morality comes first - then report him and forget all about the marriage. Why would you allow a young girl to marry someone that may be deported and then have to face DIVORCE or whose kids may never see their father or God only knows what ???!!! "as American citizen, I can make call to report " - This sounds highly VIGILANTE - It also sounds VERY RACIST - you probably despise that he is an immigrant and this is your way of "making things right". "Family will make such call to authorities if we have accept someone in our family" - this is the FARTHEST thing from "acceptance".... You guys need to work on your definitions....as a family obviously
  12. candybabe

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    Yes that was wild - I remember reading that and wondering how crazy it must have felt for you !! Amazing how such errors could be made....
  13. candybabe

    N-400 - March 2017 Filers

    I agree - I still feel inertia - at least of thought - after 9 months of checking the website and waiting and waiting - I still feel like I should be doing something They also changed my last name at the ceremony so after 12 years of being the "named immigrant" - I am even more confused now that this new person is no longer an immigrant lol it's funny how we condition ourselves over the years.... a bit of a Stockholm syndrome between me and my old GC lol
  14. Your cousin's decision to marry Person A is HERS and HERS ALONE - You have NO say in who she marries , for WHAT reasons, what kind of family etc - NONE - Reporting Person A yourself with no consideration to the fact that it is your cousin's decision , not yours, will accomplish nothing - You will go from being a person of trust to being a petty anonymous tipper grasping at the faint straws of some hearsay information with no proof. You will not get any medals for morality - On the contrary - you will have betrayed trust in confidence. it will ensure that you will forever lose the respect,trust and love of your cousin for playing judge, witness and executioner in her life. I am a big advocate for legal immigration - I absolutely despise people that are so willing to find flaws that they will grasp at anything to feel entitled to a judgment call. Person A, if true, will carry the moral burden of their actions - Your cousin, based on her decision, will carry it as well - YOU have no role in any of this. I am not an immigration specialist / lawyer.
  15. Did it 15 days ( including weekends ) from oath date - had no problems - you do not need to update SSA in order to get a passport - you can do that right away after oath.