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  1. Thanks Mike. But I read on the website just now that proof of Canadian citizenship is required (original document).
  2. Thanks Mike. I have my Canadian Citizenship card, U.S. Green Card and U.S. Driver's License. If in case I must get into Canada, can I fly to the nearest border and drive into Canada?
  3. Hello, Admin team, please move my topic if this is not the proper forum. Thanks. My Canadian passport will be expired some time next year and I will have to apply to renew my passport, which will mean I will be without my Canadian passport for 4 months or so until I receive a new one. During the waiting period, can I still get into Canada with my U.S. Green Card? Does anyone know or have the experience? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I was looking at this guide and also the USCIS website. In my case, I think I would apply under the 3-year rule when the time comes.
  5. What does "a lot of the evidence" mean? I read the guide in the VJ website. Those documents look pretty basic (tax filing, mortgage).
  6. Since you have got your SSN, it should be already much easier than a lot of those who haven't. Phone card - When I first arrived, I bought a pre-paid SIM card with me (ultramobile, which uses T-mobile network). Note that when you activate it, you don't even need to be a lawful resident (can be used for tourists). Afterwards, I just continue using it on a month-to-month plan (no contract) for over a year until we eventually fix a family plan with another carrier. Credit card - I got my SSN but not my green card when I got my credit card. My husband and I went to his bank together. It wasn't hard for me to get my own Credit Card with a security deposit. I think it took around 9 months for them to remove it and return the security deposit to me.
  7. Just ask those staff directing people to lines at the Immigration. Tell them you're here with a CR1 visa. The staff should be able to direct him to the right line.
  8. I think 4 hours layover is a good choice. My POE was Chicago (back in 2020 during COVID time). My waiting time for the Immigration (inside the room) was a bit over 1.5 hours. My layover time was 3.5 hrs. Some other VJ members mentioned about the taxing time, taking train/bus to another terminal, etc. are all valid and important facts to consider. Better allow extra time so you may even be able to get a bite during the layover.
  9. You're right. You can't expect the same efficiency here, especially in the banking system. I recalled when I opened a bank account here, it took me nearly 1.5 hours! For large companies, hiring process here is way more lengthier than back home. Patience is all we need.
  10. It must be frustrating. Hey, it's Spring break here and many people take vacations over these few weeks. Maybe some stakeholders of your future employer are on leave and they need to wait for them to sign off. That happens. Stay positive!
  11. If there's no written instructions, or the written instructions are unclear, I suggest calling the Customer Service line again (or file a case enquiry). Sometimes a CSR may be wrong so no harm check with another one!
  12. Hello all, I'm planning to visit my family in Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen and U.S. green card holder. My Canadian driver's license has been expired long time ago. Can I drive in Canada with my U.S. driver's license? *Admin, please move me to the right channel if this is not the right one.
  13. You're welcome. Everything's online/by email now so just be prepared to provide contact persons (e.g. email address of HR dept, phone number, etc.). Besides, these background check companies have their regional operations. They're very efficient. Mine was completed within a few days.
  14. Congratulations! If your potential employer runs background check through those background check companies (e.g. HireRight), which I'm sure they do, they have a list of things to check (e.g. education, previous employers, criminal records). You would be asked to provide certain contact info for them. In my case, they had no problem reaching out to my previous employers in HK. If for some items they couldn't locate, they would just report as such to your potential employer. Nothing to worry about.
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