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  1. Thank you all! If that’s the case, I don’t need to replace my passport now? I can let it expire and after the COVID gets better I can replace my passport then?
  2. Hi all, thanks for reading my question. I submitted my case to remove my condition on my green card in 7/2020, my passport will expire 2/2021, I have two questions. 1. I didn’t include my passport in my removing condition package I sent to USCIS, and instead I included my green card and state ID. And my passport is in another state and with the quarantine, Do I need to fly there to get it so that I can replace my passport? I locked I the drawer so no one can open it and mail it to me. Or I can wait after the COVID to pass and probably replace it later next year. 2. Once I replace my passport, do I need go let the USCIS know that my passport number changed? Since I had included my passport in my initial application for the green card but not when removing condition. thanks,
  3. Hi all, I married to a US citizen two years ago and now my conditional green card is about to expire. Can you please tell me if I need to submit my passport style photos with my i751 package? im currently living in US.
  4. Thanks. I don’t have drivers license in the state I married my husband and I only got state Id since I didn’t learn driving back then. So I will record my time spent at my daughters house.
  5. I married a US citizen and in august 2018 I got the conditional Green card. After that, I visited my daughter’s house in another state and stayed there for a few months to take care of her. And I got driver’s license in that state too. I visited her a few times and each time I spent a few months. And does it count as residing? There is a question in I 751 asking if I have resided in other addresses after I got conditional green card, and I’m wondering if I need to include my stay in my daughters place in the form’s last page where it says additional info. If I do, can I explain in the letter I stayed in my daughters place is because she was pregnant and then she had a newborn?
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