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  1. My K1 interview at Lagos consulate Nigeria was for March 12th and 2 days to my interview date it was cancelled and rescheduled to May 4th but on the 18th of March it was cancelled automatically with no date. My USCIS approval notice expires in May, I hope there is no issue if this pandemic lingers? I pray for healing on the world.
  2. Yes dear. I just got a text and an email cancelling my appointment. I pray for healing on the world. This coronavirus is affecting everything.
  3. Form 1-864 Affidavit of support, go with everything. Affidavit of support and tax returns are essential for your interview and they always say come with original documents and a photocopy. Originals are necessary for sight seeing and confirmation while they keep your photocopies. So yes, go with everything, like someone said better to be prepared than to be pushed into administrative processing.
  4. Your fiance submitted a copy of his birth certificate, I assume by 'copy' you mean photocopy. If that's the case, then yes, you will be asked for the original copy of the birth certificate. Just do as you were asked and you will be fine.
  5. Lol.. it seems you have forgotten. We chatted na. Yes, I was for March 12th and you were for 11th.
  6. My USCIS 1-797 approval notice expires in May and my interview at the US embassy is supposed to be Thursday the 12th of March but I got an email that it has been rescheduled to May 4th. What's going to happen to my USCIS 1-797? Does anyone have any idea about this? Please I will appreciate whatever information that could help.

    1. DSPDallas


      I am assuming your K-1 Visa. If it says May, it means till last day of May at Mid night. If you are approved, your Visa gives you another 6 months to travel

    2. QweenSasha


      Ok I get it now. Thanks a lot.

  7. Yes I have. They said I should email the embassy directly.
  8. Me too dear.. very very terrible. When was your original date?
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