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  1. Shipments are every other Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. Oh I so wish they mean this and start to request cases. They should have a shipment this week so we will see. Thank you for this. Any glimmer of hope is appreciated ❤
  3. Yes. I've been at NVC since April 2020. It's completely insane and heartbreaking! Have you been able to get an interview yet? I hear they are interviewing cases that were already at the consulate?
  4. Understandable however the current State Department guidelines has them both under tier 2. So they are making it appear as if they will be process equally yet they are processing hundreds of spouses yet single digit K-1s. If they want to process just spouses and leave K-1s out, then change their tiers rather than give fiance's false hope. State Department has been chanting priority for K-1s since August 2020. Yet their actions and numbers says otherwise. We are cheering for all spouses as they deserve to be priority, were just asking also not to be completely left out. Most of us would have been married months almost a year now had it not been for the government
  5. Exactly! They have the capacity since they processed almost 2K other visas. They are choosing not to process K1s. 6 is unacceptable when you do over a thousand others. It's so painful to see oo
  6. You are not alone. I feel your frustrations 100%. Please feel free to vent, sometimes we all need that. It's hard just being patient when we are just in complete limbo with no idea why Lagos (many other embassies) refuses to process K-1s. We are all well aware there is a pandemic, but the virus is not just contagious to k1 applicants. There is no reason we are almost in June 2021 and March/April 2020 cases are still sitting at NVC. The CDC already put Nigeria in level 1 for covid indicating low covid risk yet we still sit here with talks of priority for K1s YET NO ACTION! There are vaccines, tests, glass windows, and so many precautions that can be taken, yet they continue to make people suffer
  7. Thank You so much, that is what I thought also lol. So I will continue sitting in my corner and wait lol
  8. Sorry if silly question, but as far as I understood, K1 cases at NVC are there to mostly get assigned a case number and fowarded to appopriate consulate correct? My case has been assigned a case number and at NVC since April 2020 because of covid and stop on services, Lagos embassy has had no new K1 cases fowarded to them.Well I had sent an email to NVC 2 weeks ago asking a general question since Lagos has now resume scheduling interviews for cases that were already at the consulate prior to shutdown/ those whose interviews were cancelled. about nature of how they will start fowarding new cases, and this was their reply: " This petition is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. You will be notified with further instructions when the processing is complete and the case is forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General." And am so confused cause this is the first I have ever heard of K1 cases undergoing administrative processing at the NVC stage and honestly I had not asked any specific questions about my case at all. So I am thinking this may be just one of their generic replies?🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. Hi you are right, however although K-1 is an "nonimmigrant visa" it is processed at many consulates as immigrant and if you look under the immigrant section in the Nigeria website it states: For Immigrant Visa Applicants: The Immigrant Visa Unit is interviewing immigrant visa applicants in all visa categories. While the appointment availability remains restricted by public health conditions, the Immigrant Visa Unit is currently scheduling visa appointments while prioritizing the following: Adoptions: appointments for adopted children of U.S. Citizens. Spouses and children of U.S. citizens. Applicants petitioned by U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPR), to include fiancées of U.S. citizens, whose immigrant visa interviews were scheduled between March 22, 2020 and June 30, 2020, and subsequently canceled due to the closure of routine visa services on March 22, 2020. All affected applicants should have been contacted with a new interview date. So they actually have resumed k-1 interviews but are doing all those who's appointments were cancelled first looks like
  10. Yes understand the frustration, we have been Stuck at NVC since April 2020. next month will be 1 year and we're still there till Lagos consulate request they be send
  11. Same! Especially with Still Zero information or updates of what their plans is for K-1s. I was really hoping the change of Administration would make some kind of differnce in the complete lack of information, but doesn't seem too promise as each day goes by and the focus is just on illegal immigration.
  12. Awesome, thank you. Anything is helpful at this point 😊
  13. Yes unfortunately this is true. Lagos embassy has not resume routine services and are not processing any K-1's. So the cases are just sitting at the NVC collecting dust (not literally, just how I feel lol) My case has been sitting there for over almost 10 months now. It is incredibly frustrating and discouraging. The wait honestly is not the worst part, it is the complete lack of updates and no information basically leaving everyone in limbo. We just have to endure this and continue being patient as we have no other choice
  14. Yes the Nigerian embassy is definitely not easy due to all the scams as mentioned. But also not hopeless for K-1s. Before the embassies shut down in March this year for Covid, The Lagos embassy issued a total of 221 K-1 visas for the 5 months prior. So for those seeking that route don't get discouraged. As long as you don't have red flags and show evidence of your true relationship, God will let you prosper
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