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  1. I believe so, as long as that was what reflected in the tax return he gave you. Just ask him to scan or give you the W2 form he used to file the tax return.
  2. Yes, tax return and W2 forms are totally different. That's why there are separate 'boxes' for uploading both. You can Google W2 to have an idea of how it looks like. Yes I heard getting tax transcript is hard now. Just trying to make sure you don't get Rfe like I did cos it causes delay in approving. But make sure you upload both forms (tax return and W2) simultaneously.
  3. From what I understand, W2 is being issued by the place of work for Tax filing. You can't file Tax without it. Since he has his tax return, your co-sponsor will definitely have the W2. Ask the person about it, he will understand. Tell him it's compulsory you upload it with the tax return. Better still, if he can request for tax transcript asap, he should.
  4. I used a co-sponsor as well. For co-sponsor, we submitted his AOS, passport photo page (for proof of status), poof of domicile/evidence of residence in US (we used his driver's license for that) and tax return. It's advisable to submit a Tax Transcript instead of tax return cos we got an Rfe to submit his W2 as well. If tax transcripts is not available, then submit tax return and W2 at the same time.
  5. You can try if the flights are not reserved for their citizens alone. Also note that the evacuation flights are not free (you have to pay for them). Also, you'll have to pay for flight to your final destination since their stop is in Washington.
  6. They changed their method. I think they only send email to both petitioner and beneficiary, they've stopped sending postal mail (at least we didn't receive one). Also, you don't need to fill any form 261 again. You just go ahead with payments (AOS and immigrant fees) and documents uploads.
  7. Oh! That's strange then. Perhaps someone else can help with this issue. And the quicker you submit, the quicker they work on your petition.
  8. You can't submit until all the required documents are uploaded (AOS, tax transcripts/tax return, DS 260, civil documents etc.)
  9. You can try using Chrome browser instead of your current one. At least that was what I used to open messages on my portal whenever they sent me one. Just click on the message and wait for few seconds/up to a minute, the full message will come up. Patience is all you need as it doesn't pop up immediately. Also, you could have submitted 2018 tax Transcript instead of waiting for the current one
  10. From my understanding, you have to file a separate petition for IR2 recipients if the petitioner became a citizen after the birth of the IR2. This means you have to pay all fees (I-130, AOS fees, immigrant fees). But if the petitioner was already a citizen before the child's birth, then the child is entitled to automatic citizenship after filing some paperwork and paying a fee
  11. Okay let me clarify. My conversation wasn't based on the Trump's travel ban in February but on "coronavirus travel ban". I know the travel ban hasn't been lifted.
  12. Hi. So here's how I did mine. I printed out the form I-864 and my spouse and co sponsor filled with a black pen (don't know if other colours are allowed). Then I used camscanner app to take a picture of each page. I also used the app to put all the 12 pages or so in a PDF format. Then I used a compressor app to decrease the size since it was more than what was required. I feel its better to print out and fill since most people take the documents to their interview Also, If a document has multiple pages (like AOS, police cert), they have to be in one file.
  13. Yes and that means citizens and residents from those countries can't enter Nigeria but Nigerians can still travel to those countries (US inclusive). So until those counties close their borders on us, we are allowed to go there. Though it wouldn't be a good idea to travel now with the situation of things. But you have to travel before your medical or 6 months issued expired. Else you have to start another visa application all over (pay new medicals, new visa fees, gather documents and the likes) which can be stressful.
  14. Well the article says it's affecting only non immigrants appointments. At least for now.
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