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  1. @NGJ My DS-260 was not expired, I did not have to resubmit that I did resubmit the latest I-864 and I-864A, also the Tax documents I took the printout copies of tax documents with me to the interview.
  2. I had my interview at Montreal Consulate yesterday, The visa is approved. The whole process was smooth but I was super stressed during the whole process. I went 45 minutes early and the security guard let me in. I only had the documents, wallet and my cellphone with me. They kept my cellphone in the locker. I went upstairs, and waited for my turn, At 1st counter, they asked for Photograph, passport , Original Birth certificate, Police certificates and tax documents of the petitioner (I gave only 2021 W2, 1099 and Tax transcript) Then the lady asked my to wait Then after 20 minutes some another lady called me to a different counter, She asked me to take a small oath that whatever I say will be true Questions asked: - who is your petitioner? -What he/she does? - Address of petitioner - My job - My travel history - When did I meet the petitioner the last time? - If I had any past visa details And then she said my visa is approved.
  3. @Canada_F3 I have no idea about the Passport time, I will check and if I find something then I will post it here
  4. @Canada_F3 You can register your interview on the following link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html
  5. This is the requirement as per Montreal consulate , that we have to register the interview after we receive the interview letter
  6. I have found the response of my questions on Facebook group. I hope these will be helpful for all. Look at the screenshots below:
  7. Found a very useful document for Montreal Consulate: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k927pE5wqzTN5n0lPYZ1JQxgbmnzmNWX5hSteyii0BY/edit
  8. I have received my IL yesterday, the interview is on 21st April 2022 My DQ is March 2020, and I submitted all my documents in 2019. I have a few doubts: Get a new Police certificate (Done) Should I submit a new Police Certificate on the CEAC portal? Submit new I-864 ( With only 2021 return or 2019, 2020, and 2021?) Shal I submit all the documents to their respective option box in the CEAC or in OTHER Documents(As additional documents) On the NVC page when I select my consulate location i.e. Montreal, I see that I have to register my interview when I try to register I get an error that my interview isn't scheduled yet (Is that mandatory step?) For all members, here is my timeline if it can help you : Consulate: Montreal Country of Birth: India Category: F1 PD: Jan 2013 DQ: 4 March 2020 IL Received: 30th March 2022 Interview date: 21st April 2022 *Medical booked for 5th April 2022 Link for Montreal Consulate info: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/MTL-Montreal.html
  9. Received IL , Category: F1 Visa: F11 Location: Montreal PD: Jan 2013 DQ: March 2020 IL Email received: 30th March 2022 IL Date: 21st April 2022
  10. HI , I live in Montreal and waiting for my IL (DQ March 2020) I have to re-apply my Canadian PCC and I have tried contacted RCMP. They did not reply to my email request. Can anyone suggest for how to apply for Police Certificate in Montreal? Thanks
  11. @Blueeyes1989 Please add me to the list, Category: F1 Visa: F11 PD: Jan 2013 DQ: 03 March 2020 Interview: Pending Consulate Location: Montreal FYI, I have also requested to join the Facebook Group
  12. Thanks for the useful information @Daniel Rios I hope you will get your GC soon
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