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  1. Nope, after deliberating multiple times with local SSA field office I've send in a paper application with required documents via certified mail.
  2. Honestly, that's the most likely outcome if they can't find that you have been issued a number and it's one of two of their options. The other one being in-person visit, which due to current circumstances isn't possible.
  3. Did you guys specifically requested a SSN as part of the visa application? If so, you guys seem to be outside of the time frame mentioned here in the SSA manual regarding enumeration at entry. I suggest looking up your local SSA office based on zip code and see if they have a direct number listed for use during the COVID period. They can tell you if they can find your husband in their system and where to go from there.
  4. There’s never a ‘zero chance’; local office might want some more info for example. But generally it means that you’re good to go for your interview and are just waiting for an interview slot to open up.
  5. In my case they couldn't give me any info. USCIS is pointing to SSA and SSA is pointing to USCIS. I'll give it a couple more days.
  6. No didn’t get SSN yet. Did call my local SSA field office to see if they might be able to see in their system that it’s being processed, but they searched for over half an hour and told me they could find anything and advised me to send in the EAD and other docs to the local office by mail and then they’ll process it and give me a SSN. I decided to give it a couple of days before I’d do that. Don’t want to create a delay because I need the SSN to have the IRS update our tax return with the SSN instead of ITIN for the stimulus cheque.
  7. That sounds like an RFE indeed wouldn't be likely. I believe the official processing time for expeditiously handled case is 30-45 days. I myself kept bothering them, but then again my case needed to recover from the delay an RFE caused. Others that have been on a similar timeline were more patient than I was and got their card a couple of days earlier, so in other words; it truly doesn't make a difference. USCIS will work at their own pace.
  8. Just received the combo card so now it's just a matter of waiting until the whole COVID-19 situation is over since the prediction said our office would schedule interview roughly in May. From here on out it's just a waiting game. All practical matters are finished with the combo card in hand.
  9. It means that they will process it quicker, doesn't mean an approval though. Although an EAD is not guaranteed, there are few cases in which they are denied so you'll probably either receive an approval at one point or an RFE for the underlying I-485 if they feel something is missing.
  10. Did you receive your SSN in the meantime? I just received my combo card.
  11. Could be that they haven't processed them at the same time (happens typically when you didn't file concurrently). It just means you'll get a separate AP document when approved. What is your I-131 case status saying?
  12. Congrats, still waiting for my tracking number, guess it'll be next week for me. Was yours a combo card or just the EAD?
  13. I'm kinda confused. Your signature states you filed I-129F (for the unobtainable K3?) but the sidebar mentions CR1/IR1? Which is it? But even so, whatever you mail in. If it's based on an I-130 it's good practice to add a copy of the NOA if not filed concurrently. Did you guys do that?
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