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  1. Cute, I guess you haven't read the court documents of the arraignments then. Anyways, are you going to address this: Or is that kind of gymnastics above your weight class? I've been waiting with bathed breath for a grand finale of the these Olympics, but it seems more likely that Trump will get a 2nd term than for a breathtaking finale to happen. Sure he does, he's just pulling a Hawley.
  2. Maybe, and hear me out here, maybe if it frustrates you so much that people don't give any credibility to your condemnation, perhaps next time, you can stop discrediting your own condemnation by not dragging a completely separate topic into it. In case you missed it, the topic of today and for the foreseeable future, or at the very least of this discussion that we have right here, is the terrorist attack on the Capitol. By pointing at something else to then ask the question "But what about hem?", you undercut your own believability. After all, if you sincerely think it is so grave, then why bring up something that is unrelated? Currently the court of public opinion is in session on the matter of MAGA terrorists v. United States and you barge in talking about some other case and then act wronged when people wonder if you're sincere. None of this has anything to do with "the Left", this is simple logic. I get it, this post started months ago with the sole intent of clutching at pearls with a chaser of thinly veiled racism towards minorities. And I get that after so long, it sucks when people rain on your parade because your tribe did something really dumb, especially when it makes everything you were having so much fun over pale in comparison if only because this new stuff is Patriot Act-levels and Felony murder rule-levels of bad. I get that the knee-jerk reaction is to try and gain the moral high ground or at least make it seem like the same. But it isn't and you can't change that, no matter how much baiting and stuff you do. Your tribe ###### up so much that even the big leader of the tribe realized he needed to change his tune and we both know he has never done that before. And I get that it sucks that the leader of the tribe is throwing the tribe under the bus, but fret not, there's help available, people to talk to. Now in this case I'd avoid Parler if I were you because if it wasn't a three-letter-agency honeypot before, it probably is now. But I also get that these feelings might be confusing, so perhaps you can talk to someone over at 1-800-662-HELP (4357)?
  3. I mean I was about to leave and let you guys have your safe space echo chamber, but you just couldn’t resist huh? I said neither of those things, you know why? Because I’m not playing along with the whataboutism game. You both keep trying to elicit a reaction out of me about other events that are wholly irrelevant to this terrorist attack, yet the only thing you achieve is make a fool out of yourself and show how much of a bunch of apologists you are. In the process you regurgitate lies about antifa being there that have already been debunked and denied by the DoJ, showing that you’ve learned absolutely nothing from this terror attack that in part came to be by peddling such lies. But the funniest thing of all is that people like you downplay a terrorist attack on their country and calling it “pearl clutching”, while drawing the line at Target and then call themselves patriots with a straight face. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to be blue about it, the government will already be on your behalf for the foreseeable future 😂
  4. I don't know, they didn't made millions of people believe that there was a way that Trump could remain president, or that a big plan was coming, like say OANN and the likes. Media that people that align with your views have given much trust. So, how bad can YouGov really be compared to that, huh? Edited to add: Anyways, I'll be nice and leave the safe echo chamber. Was fun again, thanks for insights.
  5. Do the words tan suit, dijon mustard and coffee salute mean anything to you? Cry me a river. Why would I do that, when today people are are downplaying what happened? Did I miss a memo? Is it ok to downplay this terrorist attack and try to frame it on people that you dislike on Friday because you didn't justify it on Wednesday? If so, what's on the agenda for Sunday? Planning an attack yourself? I fail to see what license "not justifying it on Wednesday" gives that has to do with comments made today? Again, did I miss an attack on the Capitol that occurred earlier? Attempts at taking people hostage? Or are we pretending that the attempt to kidnap and torture Whitmer was a false flag operation by Antifa, if so, I'm sorry for not being in the know, I'm having such a hard time keeping track which people that have an extensive MAGA social media presence are actually Antifa.
  6. What's even more shameful is that almost 50% of Republicans support this attack in one capacity or another
  7. It was, it was a domestic terror attack to attempt a coup by overthrowing the US government and take legislators hostage. And stormed? Did I miss some footage of people… let's see what was it again that I said? No? Then sit down. What? No questions about the other points? Of course not, that's not so easy to spin is it? Not even for a gold winning olympic mental gymnast. You can find it yourself on google, I'm not playing your games. Said in the same comment where you express your doubt on: how bad it is who was doing it Discounting whatever denouncement you purport to have done. And even then, even remotely trying to create a false equivalency or distraction from the terror attack, is despicable on its own. Or were you "both sides"-ing after 9/11 as well? Talking about the Gulf War etc., and how the US affected the ME, how it was an inside job? Whatabout-ing the last two decades? I doubt it. You're a terrorist apologist, trying everything in their power to downplay what happened and how bad it is and trying to blame everyone but the people responsible by conjuring nonsense theories about Antifa and false flag operators, while drawing attention to events that have nothing to do with this terror attack. Not even the loss of a "blue live", can persuade you to do otherwise. For shame.
  8. The fact that you and others feel the need to talk about everything but the actual terrorist attack actually shows that it is in fact not uncalled for. The government of the United States was attacked and the execution of democracy was prevented for hours. People with zip-ties intending to take hostages, IEDs, Molotov cocktails, trucks with material to make bombs on the fly, state representatives, off-duty LEO and military flashing their ID to get in are all found on the scene. Looting occurred, was smeared on the walls and people died. And instead you and others want to talk about BLM, Antifa and how unfair the MSM is? No, this was anything but uncalled for. The regulars here like to talk about law & order, about blue lives that matter, but are deafeningly silent about those things now. To stay on theme of this forum: some of you wouldn't even be able to pass the Yes/No checkboxes on a I-485 based on how you act here, to say nothing about what you might have decided to shoot into the ether on other platforms that would make you fail the Yes/No section or passing the association question. Some of you have taken the Oath of Allegiance, others have spouses that they guided to that point, only to abandon it now when it doesn't suit your political narrative. For shame.
  9. Minor update, status just changed to indicate that interview is scheduled. Letter with date will follow. Seems like Chicago is starting to process the filers of this post that are in their area.
  10. Yeah, a specific separate notice that they would reuse biometrics. Sounds pretty straightforward indeed. Thanks for sharing and congrats again. Sounds like 2021 started off good for you guys 😊
  11. Congrats!! Anything noteworthy due to COVID or was it pretty straightforward?
  12. Ah that's cool, guess we don't have to wait too long for that invite then. Did you have ample time to get your medical between your invite and the actual interview date?
  13. Good luck, hopefully yours will be quick too Feb 6th, 2020, yours? Yeah, it's one year from date of approval. Based on the processing times I expected it to be approved Q1/Q2 2021, but I can't complain, this fulfills my purpose after all. Besides, renewals are free anyways.
  14. Nothing too exciting on our end yet, still waiting on invite from Chicago office, but wanted to report a super fast EAD/AP combo renewal. My combo card won't expire until April, but since we'll have to fly to Europe in May 2021 for a wedding (assuming COVID won't cause issues by then) I figured I should file for a EAD and AP renewal on the EADs 6 month mark. Send it to them on Oct 8th, received by them on Oct 10th, pro date Oct 12th and by Nov 30th it was approved as a combo card valid till end of Nov 2021. Honestly didn't expect it to be combo card because, despite lack of official source, every other source I could find indicated that I'd be too early for the AP, so I was expecting approval for EAD and denial for AP. Card is being produced, now I'm just waiting for it to be send.
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