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  1. I know this question has probably been asked a few times, but maybe someone who has had EAD approval in the past month can answer this for me... How long after your EAD approval did it take for your SSN to come in (if it came in at all)?
  2. What does "putative class members" means? Does it apply to us or just the people named in the suit?
  3. Do SSN process get rolling when your EAD/AP get approved or is that still until you do biometrics for the I-485?
  4. Just a second ago my wife got notifications that she was approved for her EAD/AP!!!! 💃💃💃 Now just for the biometrics rescheduling.
  5. @MIBogdan what is your AOS? I find also looking at May/June people that are recheduled come from like Idaho. No alot of traffic in those smaller states. I am in Chicago, which is why this is taking extra long.
  6. I was told the EXACT same thing on July 23 from a Tier 1. Its scripted...I got excited too. Sorry to rain on your parade. It's just all a bunch of BS. Technically, if we didnt have biometrics yet, we are all in a "queue"...its such a subjective response. When you ask them where in the queue...they give you this response: 🤷‍♂️
  7. It's quiet okay to have these emotions. This is the place to let it out. If anyone understands, its all of us on here. So you go ahead and rant as much as you need.
  8. I am Chicago too. Chicago-South was my original notice. Which one did you go to? Is there actual activity inside or is everyone just sitting around? Let me know if you hear anything from your end regarding a new notice and I'll do the same since we are in the same city.
  9. Has anyone attempted to walk-in? Agent I spoke to yesterday said to walk-in and take old notice, but I feel like he might be ill informed. But this morning read on Facebook some guy saying something similar. Anyone attempt and succeed in any city or state or plant or galaxy or universe? Please do share, because I am tempted to try again.
  10. Some teir 1 are actually pretty decent. I know we bash them alot, but they also are probably doing the best job they can. we called one yesterday who was literally rude and reading off a scripted response. we called again about an hour later and we got a lady from the south, super nice. she offered to put in a service request as to when we can get rescheduled for biometrics. she also offered up information that we can call a tier 2 and have them see what they can find out. I KNOOOOOW all this information is the same old run around, but there are some who want to help and you can tell.
  11. Okay! so some promising news, but talk it was a grain of salt. I just got done online chatting with a representative (I've been doing it daily like @Ihatebaseboards). The response I got from him was, drum roooolll, "your case is in queue to be scheduled", I went on to confirm "so on your end they are preparing to reschedule me?", agent: "correct"....again at the end of the chat I tried to reenforce one last time, "as far as what shows up on your end, i am in line to get a scheduled appointment soon. his response: yes, you are. they will process it shortly. I know this might seem minuscule but this is more information then I have received since March closures, so I'll take it. He also said its talking between 15-30 days to reschedule these appointment...so I hope all he said is true, but I am taking it as a simple victory for today and hoping for the best. I'll try again tomorrow and see what answers i get. Hopefully is will be consistent with todays.
  12. Anything new from anyone in terms of getting biometrics? It seems like no movement. The conversation on here has just become speculation. Anyone have something meaty?
  13. Did you guys here about this....the Senate just found out the whole USCIS budget crisis is a lie. Apparently USCIS will be in excess of funds by the end of the year. They have enough money to function till 2021. 🤔 election year, this has Trump and his cronies all over it. They probably trying to slow down everything, not only naturalizations. So frustrating. FYI, they are apparently still going through with the furloughs on the Aug 3. @JoeIngles good luck! Try to see how much information you can get us in those 10 min they are doing your biometrics. I think we would all appreciate it.
  14. Our appointment was for 3/24. Not a bad idea just to get some perspective. On a side note, checking processing times on USCIS; I checked either Sunday or yesterday it has said they were taking case inquires for January 8, 2020. Just checked date jumped to January 24, 2020 AND processing times changed from 4.5-6.5 months to 4-6 months (NBC). Hopefully there is a valiant push for February EAD/APs before August 3. Things are moving, we are getting there.
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