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  1. Payxibka tends to be very bitter in his/ her responses. Does not take anything into consideration besides his/ her own opinion. I wouldn't entertain this individual much.
  2. There are clinics for hair transplants in Turkey. Cheap and effective.
  3. I am afraid that I will leave the quarantine bald with all its stress! The world has turned into a big question mark.
  4. I guess the quarantine works in mysterious ways. I have lost weight because of the stress it has caused my appetite went out of the window.
  5. Same boat with you. Petitioned in December was supposed to travel on April, which got canceled. Now there is no news litteraly when the embassies will reopen. This has been the most stressful time in my life. It is draining.
  6. I see. It is the same situation at the U.S. embassy in Pristina, Kosovo (Europe). June 1st restrictions are relaxing, however, the U.S. Embassy is only considering emergency appointments of any sort.
  7. Did any of the U.S. embassies ashore open back up for business? Any updates?
  8. Since my case is at the NVC level, which party should I contact to expedite my request?
  9. This is an update from the US embassy in Pristina. It states they have suspended all, but emergency appointments for all visa applications. See snapshots below. My dad has stage four lung cancer. I am the head of the household. Would this curcumstance qualify as an immediate relatives grave illnes, under bullet point (a), or not since my father technically is not my fiancees immediate relative? The point is that It would help to have my fiancee here with us in order to help out with my dad's doctors appointments, errands, and translation needs.
  10. I read it. It says to complete the DS-160 after the case number is recieved. However, things are not ordinary at the moment. So I am wondering with everything going on can I still complete this form? If I complete it now, and my petition is stuck at the NVC will it expire?
  11. @Greenbaum I received my case and inoice number from the NVC. Can I complete and submit my DS-160, or should I wait? Anything else I can do at this moment?
  12. I am not sure about the DS-160, as I have not completed this step yet. I assume the DS-160 asks about the beneficiarie's background only. Not yours. I could be wrong, however.
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