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  1. Interview scheduled! Ready to be scheduled 1/21/20 Interview Scheduled 1/23/20 Looks like detroit is scheduling super fast.
  2. Detroit. I believe it’s one of the fastest offices to schedule interviews once they are ready.
  3. Had my interview scheduled today but no sign of anything with EAD Glad to see the system is working as planned.
  4. Congrats, thats two filers from 1st Oct getting their EAD approved same day.
  5. Finally ready to be scheduled as of 1/21/20!
  6. It is not, the field office should only impact it being scheduled though, not it being ready to be scheduled I believe.
  7. Congratulations. No idea what USCIS is doing though, how someone can file a month after, have bio a month after and then have the case ready to be scheduled before someone else is beyond me.
  8. I read somewhere about government workers having two weeks, I believe it was just christmas and new years day they had off in fact.
  9. I did, my initial bio was November 14th though. They messed that up by sending my notice to a different address than the one I gave them and so I missed it. When I called up about it they said it doesn't affect any future timeline it just has to be done before it can advance. For example if your case was ready to be scheduled before you had bio, it would just immediately change after you had bio. I do think them being off for two weeks over Christmas will delay things even further though.
  10. Congratulations. Confuses me though as my case was received a week prior but not ready to be scheduled. Best of luck with the interview.
  11. They sent my NOA’s and biometrics to an address they didn't even have on file. Not been inspired with confidence, my initial bio was 14th nov but never received the letter. Had to call up and schedule one myself in dec.
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